Imperial Autumn

Yeah I know. It is only the 1st of September and maybe we will get a bit of summer after all the rain, but I felt the urge to redecorate ImperiuM Island today and get ready for Autumn!

With a bit of the mini-flu left (I apparently brought a nasty virus with me from the UK)  I found it relaxing to fiddle around with Autumn-trees and grass and replaced the sandy beach for a cozier picnic area! Including a campfire and some fresh juices.

Party lights and some fluffy pillows, the North-West corner of ImperiuM Island is ready! Tomorrow I will do the rest of the sim, am already looking forward to it!

The outdoor sparring area
I love the colours of this grass!
Picnic-area at the 'beach'
Time for a break and a drink

As always: all are welcome on ImperiuM Island, for a chat – to chill or explore!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lovely!! I need to get my New Trails trees out;-)

  2. Thanks girls :)
    I will be working on the sim this weekend, finishing touch and all! I find it a bit too early for the halloween-stuff….maybe next week?? LOL!

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