Linden Realms

Well hidden in the depths of the official sites of LL is an article about the latest new game in Second Life: Linden Realms! It is for premium accounts only and still in BETA. From what I understood one can earn some Linden Dollars by collecting gems/crystals when solving quests.

Of course it got me curious so I went looking for a ‘portal’ in one of the premium sandboxes – that was the easy part!

Ah before I forget, 2 small warnings, to take into consideration when reading this ‘review’:
1) I am very, very bad in games. Seriously, I suck at level-games, racingstuff and everything that has to do with quests. Never stopped me from playing them though!
2) Linden Realms is still in BETA, so it is not a finished product and errors/bugs and other obstacles may happen!

Yay, I found a pretty portal!

The portal got me slightly confused to begin with, as you do not have to click it but simply walk into it. Very unlike most actions in Second Life, but okay, I found it out all by myself!

After I walked through the portal I found myself in the actual playground. A HUD was automatically attached on my screen (top right) and also I got a first Quest! I find the look of the Realms funny, very cartoonlike, in contrast with the look of my avatar :).
Anyway, onwards to the workshop!

Once in the workshop, the place is hard to miss – even for a lousy gamer like me – I received a new quest in my screen. Seemed an easy one, as the crystals are on display all over the place!

Alas….nothing happened. I tried to click them, touch them, walked up and down the workshop….nothing! Maybe I did something wrong?
The helpbutton on the game-hud did not give any response either (I clicked it, but no help screen appeared), so it left me completely clueless.

So, I walked around a bit, but found nothing to help me further. Not sure if I did it all wrong, if there is something with SL (I had some tp issues and could not attach some clothing-prims either) but I decided to leave it for now and try again later.

When I detached the game-hud, I automatically got teleported back to the sandbox.

To be continued soon!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, just wanted to help. I do not have a premium account and am able to play the Linden realms game. Also, you find the crystals by wandering around and finding them on the ground. Avoid the rock monsters and the poison water though!

    1. Thank you very much :)
      Yes, the game is now open to all – not only premium accounts! YAY!
      I wrote this post last month when it was new and not open to everybody yet.
      Have fun playing it and maybe see you there, I have figured out how it works!

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