Meet Becky!

Last night, while I was fiddling with a mesh skirt that showed way too much bare bum, I was chatting with Gee. He was also busy, working on a new pet or greeter or how he calls the creatures he makes and at some point, in between my nekkid butt and his scripting he sent me a try-out of his latest creation: A fairy. Thingy. Creepy chucky-like little girly.

Anyway, no..I am not into pets and greeters, but when I rezzed this new Fairy..I fell in love immediately! I don’t know why..hahah!She had this whole menu, mainly catering to store owners as this is a greeter, but for some reason I had issues with the configuration and did not manage to get her to wander around. She just stood there, being all cute and stuff…and telling me about the sale in the store (wut!? and LOL).


So, Gee came to the rescue and once he explained and talked me through the menu…well, it still was confusing to me (your average impatient customer, ahem) He told me to delete this ubercute dark Tinkerbell and  he rushed back to the drawing board to adjust and edit her menu for..well, people like me! Haha!


This morning when I logged in, I found a new and improved version of the Fairy in my inventory! Yay for simplified menu and yay! for being it so easy that even I could rez and configure her!
I named her Becky and I am pleased that Parrot seems to like her as well! She wanders and flies around on our deck, being all dark and cute and …..she is silent, as I prefer. You can make her talk and being all interactive, make her a greeter and such, but I love her just the way I ‘programmed’ her: wandering and flying about, without speaking :).

I am not sure when this adorable little creature will be released for sale in Gee’s Mainstore – Ultrateque – , but I guess it will be before the weekend!

EDIT: She is for sale in the Ultrateque Mainstore NOW, in 4 colours: black, green, red and purple!


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  1. Geemix says:

    Caity, such an excellent little review. As for release date, not sure yet, I am working on a couple of colour variations and the textures for the eyes blinking takes time along with the little outfit changes etc.

    When they are ready for release, I will let you know :)

    Basically the plan is…this little flying fairy is for store, club, home or even forest owners. It floats around and greets folks. The greeting messages can be changed to suit, even turned off.

    The owner can choose how far she will fly easily via the menu too.

    It also has a chatbot built in, which means anyone can talk to her. And the beauty is, store owners can use their own chatbot which they can custom create to their needs.

    eg. a customer asks, “Fairy, do you sell mesh skirts?” The fairy could reply, “Yes at the back of the store.” etc.

    Also, anyone who touches the fairy can be given gifts, notecards and landmarks. Again, great for store owners wanting to give out promo/demos/info etc.

    Or simply have her fly around your home…with greeter turned off….and if you are like Caity, turn the chatbot off too, so she won’t even talk back to you! :P

    Anyway, I am actually starting to bore myself reading this lol

    She is cute, super friendly to set up via the menu. She does what a fairy should do, I guess :)

    Thx Caity for your support and comments….xxx

    1. Thanks for the extra information Gee! She is lovely and I saw you just released her in your store today! \o/

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