My Ten SL Firsts…

A new week, and a new meme from Strawberry! A fun one, again, and answering these questions – your first SL…etc,  ended up in a trip down memory-lane for me….I am in SL since March 2007, so a lot of ‘first things’  are buried deep down, but I think I got them all!

My first look (well, close to it anyway!)
My first look (well, close to it anyway!)

First SL Friend: Moonie! When I finally managed to leave Orientation Island (I was there for weeks, thinking that is was SL) I ended up in a Casino and met Moonie, who…surprise surprise was a RL friend for years and I had NO clue she was in SL. She helped me getting started, and we have had fun for 2 years untill she left SL. I still see her in RL :).

First SL Kiss: Besides one or two accidental ones when I was a n00b in 2007 and ended up on some furniture in a shop with another n00b, my first real SL Kiss was last year, with Sy :)

First SLex time/place/partner: Well, that would not be lady-like to tell would it? (Hint: see answer to previous question)

First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: Sy Beck, we got partnered last November but are together for over a year now. We didn’t do the wedding-stuff.

First SL Job: Hostess in a Poker Palace, a few weeks after I started SL, thanks to Moonie.

First SL Creation: Ah…That was on Orientation Island, I ‘created’ a t-shirt. Well, you know…I dropped a random texture from the library in the shirt I was wearing and tought I looked awesome – specially when I also managed to edit the system hair!

My first creation!
My first creation!

First Encounter with a Linden:  I forgot her name, but the first Linden I met was a lady, dressed up as Snow White and she was very friendly, she helped us SL Mentors in  Waterhead Welcome Area with getting rid of some griefers.

First Encounter with a SLebrity: I do not believe there are SLebrities.

First SL Sim you fell in love with: Oh I have seen so many and love so many places, but I think I was in total awe with the Gardens of Apollo (if I got the name right), the place is gone since last year, but I found it sooooo amazing!

First SL Blog Post: A matter of looking in my archive and tataaaa: here it is, 13 August 2010!

First kiss :)


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  1. Thank you so much for participating Caitlin and I absolutely love that last picture of the two of you. The shadows and lighting are awesome! <3

  2. peepsideshow says:

    I love ALL of your photos, for different reasons. I actually snorted Pepsi Max on the first one!

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