The Naked Sailing Club

Of all the things one can do naked in Second Life, of course…sailing is one of them! Now, I have never felt the need to sail naked in Real Life, and to be honest…not even in Second Life, because..well, why? And also, The Blake Seas where I usually sail do not allow it.

Two friends of me, Beth and her partner Hugh, are a tad more into nudity/naturism, and sailing-enthusiasts, and they told me about the Naked Sailing Club in Second Life, where one can sail over 9 sims, in ..ahem…birthday-suit (mandatory by the way, clothes are frowned upon).
With all the new mesh bodies these days, I have one too, I must say….Second Life’s Nudity is good looking and so, oh well…why not….I decided to go see and try.

@ The Naked Sailing Club

Needless to say, The Naked Sailing Club is Adult-rated, and to be able to moor your boat you need to be a member, which costs 150 LS. I paid and moored the Dutchess (first  IN the clubhouse, then on another boat and finally in the water…sigh) and dressed in my new mesh body..I sailed away!

Naked Sailing Club - I

Strong winds, I think I have never sailed so fast, at some point going over 7 knots! Wooohoo!

Naked Sailing Club - III

After an hour of sailing, returned to the Clubhouse and looked around a bit. It is not like sailing the huge Blake Sea, this club is also for socializing and meeting people, hence the clubhouse. One can also rent a spot to keep the boat moored, so you do not have to pick it up every time after sailing.
(All information on prices and rules are available in the clubhouse, at the north-side of the building).

I sat on the deck, with a magazine, looking at the sunset and I think I will come here more often for a short trip with the Dutchess :)

@ The Naked Sailing Club

The NSC has a Flickr Group with more images from members (nudity may appear).

9 Comments Add yours

  1. owldragonash says:

    Right on! My first time there was today. It seems like a very fun place a friend took me for a sail around. 4 sims too wow : )

    1. I had a lovely time, sailing around and sitting at the clubhouse, it does indeed seem friendly and comfy!

  2. Beth Macbain says:

    Yay! So glad you enjoyed yourself!

    1. I did! And yeah, when sailing the boat I am not so much looking around, but it is nice to flaunt that lovely mesh body eh!

  3. DJ Frenzy says:

    beautiful pics

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