Pose O’Clock

Pose O’Clock is my shop, in which I sell poses for photography, the shop is located on the lovely Basilique sim, next to Harveys Bar (how convenient!).

New adventures - II

All poses are static, so not animated, and come with mirror-versions, poseballs ánd the pose itself (in case you want to add them to a HUD or when you cannot rezz poseballs!). At Pose O’Clock you will find some free poses as well as a small studio set-up, for those who want to make a portrait of their avatar – in the free portrait pack is also a notecard with a short tutorial for when taking pics is new to you!

Pose O'Clock - The Clumsy Iceskater - 4

Pose from “The Clumsy Iceskater” pack


I am currently working on Marketplace, but for now all poses are available inworld!

Oh..and in case you use one of my poses, don’t forget to add your picture to the Pose O’Clock group on Flickr!