About Caitlin


About Caitlin

Cait or Caity, as I am  called by my friends, was born in Second Life in August 2007. Those were the days of Casino’s and adfarms! After having worked in pokerpalaces, being Hostess in a Zyngo-arena and Hostess in Hard Rock clubs, I discovered the world of Katana-fighting, using the C:si Combat system.

Together with my friends Rattus and Pilar The ImperiuM Katana was founded on 9 August 2009, a school for Katana fighting and lots of fun! The clan was a succes, with its ups and downs, but to all good things comes an end…and in April 2012 the ImperiuM was put on inactive. Maybe one day we will sharpen our blades again…

After  the fighting days, I dedicated my Second Life  to exploring and blogging about cool places to share with you! Besides that I also like to shop for fashionable clothes and accessories,  and indulging in taking ‘arty’ pictures for the fun of it, most of which you will find on my Flickr stream.


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In 2014 I was honoured to be the ‘Behind the Scenes’ Reporter for the immersive and impressive theatre production ‘Paradise Lost’ by the Basilique Performing Arts Company and as such I have done a series of posts on the Basilique blog.
In addition to that I have been a guest-writer/photographer for the Fantasy Faire  on their official site during the event in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Since November 2014 I have been a contributor on the [SL] Blogger Support site, on which I write articles on how to improve readership and audience on your blog and focus on the use of various social media platforms.
Per October 2016 I have taken over the ownership and general Management from founder Katya Valeska – as she had to step down for personal/real life reasons. I am excited about this role, even though my goal is to keep on doing what we – the SL Blogger Support Team – did, as there is no point in fixing something that ain’t broken.


The pics in this page are made by the awesome Skip Staheli