unfriended, muted, blocked
unloved, avoided, ignored
unanswered, erased, deleted
it feels like a cool breeze on a hot summer-day

compared to that devastating hurricane
that hits you on a dull, normal, evening
after typing that IM
composing that e-mail
answering that last Whats-App
staring at that profile picture in Skype

hovering the cursor over that one name
which you still see in all your lists and
of which you know

will never appear as online again

(March – 2016)


featured image taken at Frisland

Berry’s meme for this week is all about Movie Posters, a theme she had done last year (which I don’t think I participated in) and a very cool one to do!

Of course I want to show off that I am a fan of really intelligent, difficult,  movies. Ya know Oscar material and nothing less….so after some binge-googling I found the perfect one for me and I think I  nailed it!

Life with Pies - Monday Meme

You can find all the information on this Challenge in Berry’s blogpost, and don’t forget to look at the comments in which you soon will find links to others as well!

Surely you can? Who doesn’t ?!

Today I spent some time in the  Singularity Tribe. Or ‘on’, rather. [The] Singularity Tribe is a massive space-station – you can spot me on one of the photo’s below if you look real close, to see the size – inside a globe as to make it feel you are in space.

Founded and created by Alexi Ayres, this place is for all of those who search for positive vibes, through music  (GOA Trance to be precise) and art.  Or as the information notecard says:

‘Singularity Tribe began with a single mission of creating positive vibes through music, art, performances. Our gatherings function like lighthouses to welcome anyone in search of positivity. As we continue in our journey, we keep our core values close to our hearts for guidance and strength.’


Singularity Tribe - I

(can you find me on this picture?)

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“I don’t know who you are, but I want to let you know that I really care.”
― Debasish Mridha
The other day I saw a heartwarming Plurk from Casja Lillihook, telling about the real life struggles of SL hair creator Bubbles Clawtooth.
In short, Bubbles is taking care of his mother who suffers ALS and as such he has not much time in Second Life, let alone creating hair.
Please go to Casja’s blog to read more about Bubbles’ situation and why she is doing this blogpost as she does.

'I don't know who you are..' a blogpost - I

Clawtooth – Female Trouble in Delicious Wine

Casja suggested a blogger challenge, not so much a big deal fundraiser in support of Bubbles, but more a request to all bloggers, fashionistas and photographers to feature some of Clawtooth’s (awesome!) hair and so make people go to the shop and buy some. Or at least, it would be a sign of showing you care and appreciate him.

I happen to have lots of Clawtooths wonderful hairdo’s and when Strawberry Singh followed the hearfelt post of Casja and turned it into one of her popular blogger challenges/memes, I thought…oh why not!?


'I don't know who you are..' a blogpost - III

Clawtooth – Lady Stardust in Candy Girl

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New blogpost in my series ‘Location in the Spotlight’!

SL Blogger Support

In my series of ‘Location in the Spotlight’ I always look for places that are blogger/photography friendly and easily accessible – in most cases this means I feature sims that are open to the general public and usually M or G rated, though sometimes I write about the occasional Adult rated place (like Binemist).

This time I have chosen to feature a gorgeous location, [Elysion], which is not only Adult rated but also a ‘members only’ place. Meaning, you need to join the [Elysion]  group, and pay a fee of 650 LS)  to enter the sim.

Why do I put such a place in the spotlight for bloggers?
Because it is a beautiful location, it is very blogger- and photographer friendly and Adult isn’t a scary rating, as you will read in the interview I had with [Elysion] owner Syn Beresford.

Old Pine Old Pine by Marshall Booth


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Binemist is one of those sims I have featured often on my blog, simply because the landscaping and themes changes ever so often – making it a delight to return and explore.

The lovely and talented Biné Rodenberger now has changed Binemist 4.0 into a deserted, dry land. While I always loved the water sims for the use of windlight and reflections, this new dry desert is absolutely gorgeous and a great example of ‘less is more’.

Binemist 4.0 - III

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Grandpa, please tell me about the war?’
‘Oh no, Cato, maybe when you are a bit older’
But Grandpa, I am almost 45…surely I am old enough!’
‘No, Cato. Now let me sleep and don’t forget to fly the flag half mast tomorrow’
I will, Grandpa, I will. Sleep well and sweet dreams

Sleep well. And sweet dreams.

He didn’t wake up anymore, he was tired. It was good.

The flag will be half mast, tomorrow on the 4th of May. As it does every year. For Grandpa, for his brothers and sisters, his friends, and all those heroes who lost their lives for my, and your, freedom.