Our first guest-blogger on SL Blogger Support, R. Crap Mariner!

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Happy to annouce that R. Crap Mariner (Crap.Mariner) is the first in our new series of guest-bloggers! According to his own SL Profile: ‘I am a sentient clockwork mechanism, manufactured for The Great Exposition of 1851. Various inventors and scientists have tried to improve upon my original plans, but have only twisted and damaged me further.
Crap has his ,Secondlife, home in Edloe and is the founder of 100 words stories. His blog is retired but he uses Flickrto tell us about his ideas and views.

Hi there. Caitlin asked folks for helpful advice for bloggers, and I want to tell you a little story about getting over yourself…
Long ago, I used to do some SL Birthday stuff, but things got a bit strained between that crowd and me. I took a few years off from the lag-fest, but during SL13B, I challenged…

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Don’t be shy!

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Yes, you! Are you a creator, blogger-manager, event -organiser, artist, curator, photographer or sim-owner (or anyone I missed in this!) and you do have some awesome tips and tricks, questions and/or experiences to share with the SL Blogger Community? Read on!

We are looking for guest-authors on the SL Blogger Support website; articles written by people who deal with bloggers, or need bloggers…or have an opinion and experiences and have some great ideas on how to enhance blogs and the overall relationships between creators and audiences.

SL Blogger Support is all about: support! And the best way to get and give support is sharing your Second Life.
Hey You! - A blogpost - II
Are you interested in writing a blog-post on this site, please contact Caitlin Tobias. We are looking forward to what YOU have to share with all of us!

Remember: caring is sharing <3

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Seventy-one years ago, she was born
Two months after WW2 ended
Nineteen years old when she married the love of her life
Twenty-eight, a Mom of two, when MS struck
Forty-two,  when Alzheimer kicked in
Forty-eight, she had left us but we didn’t leave her
Fifty-six, when she really had to go
Fifteen years now, without her
Not one day without her in my thoughts

Happy Birthday Mom <3