In the mood for some SL exploring, I ended up at Hunting Hollows. Yeah, it is a Halloween themed sim, but a pretty cool one for just wandering around – even when you are not into Halloween.
Upon landing you are offered a folder which contains a flashlight, handy…because the place is quite dark. Very dark.

Hunting Hollows - II

Of course it has creepy and spooky things, including a horror-clown which spits out colourful particles when you get close by. Perhaps to not relate to the real life horror-clowns?

Hunting Hollows - IV

Anyway, a nice place for taking pictures and play with other windlights than the region setting, and since I prefer my Second Life usually bright and sunny, I turned this dark and depressing woods into a lovely, summer-like picnic spot!

Hunting Hollows - III

SLURL: Hunting Hollows

You know that feeling, you go on about your life and stuff and one day it is summer and the next it’s autumn and some weeks have passed by? I’ve had a couple of those weeks lately, those weeks I had all kind of plans and before I knew it, it wasn’t Monday anymore but Friday happened! And so I didn’t blog, but surely things have happened!

So time for a little catch-up and let me tell you what has been going on in my Second Life!

I’ve been a member of SL Blogger Support inworld group since a few years, a group for SL Bloggers in which we exchange experiences, help each-other with all sort of blog-problems and whatnot. We also have a website, a Facebook page and a Plurk account.
From being a member, I went to contributing articles on the website as guest-author and eventually I became part of the Team, the lovely group of people making this group and all it’s online presence possible. Over the past year I gotten into chats with Katya Valeska, the founder of SL Blogger Support and she has expressed to me her concerns about the amount of time and energy she had, due to Real Life, when it came to the group. I have taken over some of the things she used to do, like answering questions and being a point of contact and handling the applications.

Last week Katya decided she needed to step down as owner and ‘leader’ of SL Blogger Support and she handed over the keys to me. While it may have come as a surprise to some, it wasn’t to me – Katya and I have talked about this option before.
I agreed and so Katya sent a notice and posted her formal ‘goodbye’. Not a real, final, goodbye, as she will still be active as a group-member, but she will no longer be in charge of the overall management of the group.


Diving into a new challenge!

To my surprise I have gotten a lot of messages. Mostly nice and supportive ones and I thank everyone for their kind comments! I also got lots of questions about what my ‘next steps’ will be and ‘what are you going to change’.

I can be short on that.

For now I have no ‘next steps’ planned, nor ‘changes’. Katya built a wonderful community and a great support Team and I see, for now, no reason to fix what ain’t broken!

Sure times will change and things will happen, but we will see it when it is needed. We have a great group of bloggers and a dedicated Team behind the scenes and I am confident we will be able to continue to give each-other support, help, have fun and all of that which we had the past years!

So that’s whatskeburt (Dutch slang for ‘wtf happened!’) in my SL.

Yes. A post about Halloween. By me. Shocking eh? Since I am probably one of the very few in Second Life who does not particularly like or even care about Halloween much.

Linden Lab announced in a blogpost by Xiola Linden, a call for photos depicting your Halloween Spirit. They will choose some of the photos that you can submit in their official Flickr group, to use in various marketing and advertising campaigns.
For all the details on sizes, format, hashtags and layout, please read this post by Xiola!

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When I was 4 years old and went to Kindergarten, I met my BFF in that class (though we didn’t call it ‘BFF’ back then) and her and I were like twin sisters. For years. Over 20 years. We lived two streets away from each-other and spent all our time together.

We grew up together in the same small village, the same schools (classes even) and when our ways parted in education- I went to college and she found a job – we were still BFF’s. She got married and so did I  and then …well, things and life happened.

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A great offer if you are a fan of Huckleberry Hax’ books! And if you have not read them yet…I can highly recommend his ‘AFK‘ series –  murder, suspense, love and lust;  all in Second Life! Nope..I will not spoil anything about the latest release in this series, you should read it yourself! Enjoy!


What the Huck?


I’m drawing the AFK series to a close with a fifth and final novel, AFK, Awaiting. The book has been finished for a few months, now, and I’m grateful to the feedback I’ve had since from a small number of advance readers, in particular Caitlin Tobias and Zoe Parness (Zoe very helpfully pointed out that I’d managed to spell the name of one of my key characters wrong throughout the book – this is why a writer needs fans).  I now want to reward my most loyal readers also with a free copy.

Some of you might recall my attempt at soliciting reviews last year by promising not to release this title until I’d acquired no less than 100 reviews for the fourth AFK novel, AFK, in Pursuit of Avengement.  I’m not quite done with that plan yet.  It did occur to me, however, that I might…

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Over the past years I started some groups on Flickr – with themes. Just for fun, so people could add their photo’s that fitted in the same theme and so create some wonderful collections for all to enjoy.

While it was fun at first, it became a burden  – specially the past 2 years. Oh, there were lovely contributions and wonderful photos added to the groups but for each picture that suited and followed the ‘rules/guidelines’ there were dozens of pics that had NOTHING to do with the groups theme. The dozens soon turned into hundreds and I had to set my groups to ‘moderated’, meaning I had to manually approve each photo.
A drag and a burden. Thousands….of pics that were blindly added to the groups: ads, porn, vendor-images and blog-pics with no connection to the theme whatsoever. Nothing.

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the old man could not remember
and didn’t recognize
any of his children, nor his wife

except the little pup
his daughter brought on visits
he knew her name
and her favourite treats

maybe that’s why
when the old man went on his last journey
the pup, just like that,  traveled with him
so he would be with a friend
the only one he could remember?

Maybe that is why - A blogpost

Pictures taken at Evre – LEA