About this blog

The main reason I started this blog is to share my travels and adventures in Second Life, giving information and tips of places worthwhile visiting – according to me.

I do not get paid to review places, neither are my occasional ‘fashion items’ real reviews as you can find on the fashion blogs,  they are way better in that!  I blog about places  I like and what I enjoy, silly adventures, art and such.

What about Dutchie?

The exception, yes there is one, is that per 1 january 2019, I am the Social Media and Blogger Manager for Dutchie. In this role I will be blogging about Dutchie designs and products. You will see blogposts featuring Dutchie furniture, home decor and homes, those post will always be clearly marked as such – as they will be part of my Second Life. No, my blog will not be a spin-off of Dutchies website, I will keep on blogging art, places and adventures just like I always did!

Post processed images, aka ‘photoshopped’?

Now about my images, I do get the occasional questions whether they are ‘photoshopped’ or post-processed.
Yes…I use Photoshop to enhance my pictures. I dare say in 95% percent of the images I publish, there has been edited something. Not always and not always a lot, for instance landscapes or builds are pretty much as I took the picture, although I like to play slightly with lights and contrasts.  but for most the images on landscaping/locations are just cropped and signed.
I happen to be so lucky to have a good connection and a fine machine which can handle taking pictures in Ultra graphics and all bells and whistles enabled, besides that  I find it important I show locations as I see them.

Fantasy Faire 2014 - Mourningvale Thicket - I *Reposted with a reason! *
Not processed, what I see is what you get :)

Art & Fantasy

Another type of image I like to do is the more ‘arty’ stuff or fantasy images. Those images you will not find, often, on my blog but they are on my Flickr stream. Those images are indeed post-processed for the fun of it, hence I do not present them on my blog about locations. They are just another part of my Second Life hobby.

Elf Queen

In case I do publish pics like that on my blog, I will always make sure to mention they are processed – although I am sure you will see it anyway!

I do my best to give credits and mention the creators as much as possible, if you feel I have missed something or have mentioned something wrongly….then please don’t hesitate to contact me!