This week I received the sad news that an old Second Life friend has passed away, in real life. While we were not close friends, we did catch up every now and then and ran into each other in various clubs and parties and events.

Sir Ian Undercroft, a gentleman pur sang, proud of his mesh feet and looks. Always in for a joke, banter and witty conversations. And his hint of gay.

We’ve been friends, unfriended, and friends again (in no particular order and over several – in hindsight – silly matters) the past years. Our last chat, a few months ago, was about dogs and cars, the weather in England and the joy of mesh body attachments in Second Life.

And now he is no longer online, but offline forever.

My heart goes out to Keira and his family. He will be missed. And so will his hint of gay.

Ian and Keira

Keira and Ian, at the Sable Club

Sir Ian’s sim:

Yes, that is right. I am going to tell something about a product! And only because I am very excited about it and think every Second Life Photographer will want to have it!

The Black Tulip Camera HUD.

I have never used a camera HUD in SL before, as I just fiddle along and accepted the occasional failed image or having to re-do a shot because I moved my camera and could not find that perfect angle back. You know; you spent some time and finally have the perfect picture and then you see you need to derender or rezz something, or your pet jumps on your keyboard and tataaa: gone is your perfect framed shot. Or worse: you crash.

The past days I have been using the Camera HUD from Black Tulip by Auryn Beorn when shooting pictures at the soon to be opened Fantasy Faire. I was so easy to use and helped me a lot in getting 15 sims photographed without losing time in manually repositioning my camera.

The HUD is really easy to use, it comes with a clear manual; but I was able to use it right away without having to read it first….so that means it is simple to operate!

How it works?

All you have to do is attach this nice vintage looking HUD (it can be clicked on the little hand to minimise it when not in use). Once you have set up your shot, and you are totally happy with it, click on the HUD (save) and a menu appears and you can save the camera position and give it a name – up to 60 positions available!

Camera HUD sofa - I

Now, if you need to do something else to change your scene, and you move your camera, or you crash/need to relog….no worry and no panic!
Just click on the HUD – restore – and in the menu choose the position you saved. Then simply click on ESC (the HUD tells you that) and voila: you will see your camera going back to how it was!

Camera HUD sofa - II


As I cannot show examples of pics of the Fantasy Faire yet, and I didn’t have a lot of time to make all kinds of images for this blogpost, I have created one to show you what I did.

I’ve saved a shot in the HUD from my sofa in my home and then went sitting on all the spots, taking pics of every position. When standing up and sitting, I’ve accidentally moved the view, but with the HUD it was easy to restore it.

Camera HUD sofa

After I had all the pics, I stacked them on top of each other in PicMonkey (as I do not have Photoshop) and erased bits and pieces to make it look like I am sitting there with 4 of my clones. Because all the shots were exactly the same, it was really simple to do – imaging this for photo’s when you change outfits or avatars for every shot to make it look like an actual group of people.

The HUD does not save windlights or avatar positions, it only stores the camera focus.

I believe there are many cases in which you can use this HUD, I for one..will never leave home without it anymore!

The Black Tulip Camera HUD is currently only available at the Pose Fair till 29th April and after that it will be in their mainstore and on MP.

PS: Yes, you see in the image that I have used a test version which was given to me by Auryn a few weeks ago, for testing only. She never asked or expected me to promote it in my blog or anywhere, but I do that because it is awesome :P

Real life has taken a lot of my time, and it is not at all the pretty and happy stuffs. Second Life has, for the past 10 years, been my escape and home away from home. A happy place without worries, just fun and friends. Being a social butterfly, to me it always was such a wonderful distraction.

Empty  - A blogpost - I

Those happy times always come and go in waves and so I know there are episodes in both lives when things do not line up. As happened to me the past months. Real life worries, problems and all that made it hard to login to Second Life and be carefree. I’ve tried to escape but it was all too much.
Combined with the loss of some SL friends, who for all the right reasons either never log in anymore or,  if they do they,  have moved on and contact is getting less and less which by now basically left me in a situation I know all to well: lonely.

Empty  - A blogpost - II

It is how it goes. I know. It’s not the first time I find myself alone and lonely in Second Life and I think things will change. But for now, I don’t know what to do with myself.

I should smack myself and start decorating my new empty house which I put on my land weeks ago.

So much empty rooms, such loneliness.

Empty  - A blogpost - III

To my surprise and delight, one of my photos is in Huckleberry Hax’ list of his 10 favourites! I am particularly happy he has chosen one of my real, raw and not processed snapshots – a photo of the guests waiting for the bride and groom to arrive, the wedding of Delinda and Skip Staheli this summer. I actually had to download it from my own Flickr as it was a direct upload via the LL Viewer, so I didn’t even had it on my hard-disk to make it a banner image for this blog-post!

While I do not like to make lists – and am even hesitant to look at other peoples lists – I am of course honoured and feel proud. From what I get from Huck’s article, he exactly knows what lists can do, hence his extensive disclaimer. I understand that all too well.

Anyway, enjoy his favourite Second Life Photos by others, and if you do not follow them already on Flickr, you may want to do that from now on!

What the Huck?

Following on from my post on Tuesday, where I shamelessly self-promoted my ten most favourited own pictures at Flickr this year, I thought I’d look today at some of my favourite pictures of the year by other photographers.

Disclaimer: I lay no claim to this being any sort of definitive list whatsoever. It is simply ten of my personal favourite SL images. Yes, it is undoubtedly influenced by me being friends with some of the photographers. Yes, there are probably amazing photos out there by other photographers not included on this list (most likely because I haven’t encountered them, but also because I only have ten spots). Please don’t get offended if one of your photos or one of your friend’s or friends’ photos isn’t or aren’t included here – but by all means feel free to link to any of these works in the comments section below (I…

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‘While you are here, why don’t you do this check-up?
It has been a year and it is probably all fine’

‘Put your chin on that cushioned piece  and lean against the bar up there,
now sit still, I told you it won’t hurt and it will surely all be just fine’

‘You are doing great, don’t move, just a few seconds
I may need to adjust this some more…’

‘Read that text for me please, go on, you cannot do it wrong.
Oh you are just tired and worked a lot?’

‘Are you sure you are not moving? Sit still please and relax
while I check the data, it is probably all normal and such’

‘I will do another test, just to be sure, no worries,
it will probably  be nothing to worry about’

It is probably nothing II  - blog

‘Now read the text again, I am sure you will do great’

‘You are not just tired, let me assure you that’

‘Your right eye lost over 25% of vision in  a short period of time
this is highly unusual and may seem worrisome
go see a specialist soon, here is my report’

‘Keep calm and do not worry, it is probably nothing’

It is probably nothing.

But I am scared.

While I usually do not really blog items, I love to make an exception for this awesome prop with animations. It made me laugh out loud in real life when I tried it out, and since it has a really cool animation…I had to make a short video to show it – a picture would not do it justice.

Also it  illustrates the annual stress I have in real life, because I am indeed one of those persons who toss the light strings in the garage in January always thinking: “Oh it will be fine next Christmas!”. It never is, of course. And now, it happens in Second Life too….

‘RC Tanglemess Lights in white’ by Redd Colombia (they come in a pack with two versions: blinky and non-blinky) and you can get them at the Tannenbaum Event.

December. The last month of the year, typically making me look back and reflect on real life and Second Life.
Going through my files filled with pics of locations, events and all that…I stumbled upon an online karaoke session and recording I did with Ratt, a dear friend, who left Second Life years ago, but who is still in my real life and with whom I share many awesome memories.

Like this karaoke-duet we did online in 2009.

Thanks Ratt, and damn..your voice rocks!