Chilling and Relaxing

After a day of work, I can always really look forward to logging in and either catch up with friends, shop or explore locations and take pictures. Todays RL work was not too bad and I had quite a productive day, so I allowed myself to log in a bit earlier than usual.

I’ve seen some wonderful images on Flickr of ‘Follow your Bliss‘ a sim by Elizabeth (elizabethnantes) and I could not wait to get there and look around.

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The other week my friend Pepys wanted to cheer me up a bit and said he would take me out for the evening.
Well, that got me all excited of course, not being used to that often, so when he told me to be ready at 11AM ..I was!
All dressed up pretty and looking forward to it;  I got a new dress and shoes, and then on the night of the ‘date’ I got an IM in which he said: ‘I am going to send you stuff, just wear it for me please? ‘ Oooh…my!

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