Holiday Trace

To my delight Kylie Jaxxon has once again created a version of her wellknown and much loved The Trace. This time it is called Holiday Trace, and when I saw the announcement on Flickr that it would open soon, I was counting the days to go see it! Today it opened and it is without…

Follow your Bliss

After a day of work, I can always really look forward to logging in and either catch up with friends, shop or explore locations and take pictures. Todays RL work was not too bad and I had quite a productive day, so I allowed myself to log in a bit earlier than usual. I’ve seen…

Daydreaming in Everlong

Today I explored a watery, dreamy, location called: Everlong. Filled with wonderfully decorated spots, this is certainly a place to find yourself a comfy chair (plenty of those!) and enjoy the environment.


Sorrow, a wonderful – lonely but peaceful – place. Simple, and demonstrating that less is indeed more!

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers

Last night my friend Pepys invited me to a performance of the tribute band he plays in, in Second Life, and well why not!

Topless Sailors, cruising around the ocean

The other week my friend Pepys wanted to cheer me up a bit and said he would take me out for the evening. Well, that got me all excited of course, not being used to that often, so when he told me to be ready at 11AM ..I was! All dressed up pretty and looking…

Lost Dream

Lost Dreams, or Les Reves Perdu as it is also called, is a delightful place and lovely to spend some hours exploring, taking pictures and enjoying the playful decorations and landscaping. Not sure where the name comes from, or refers to as this place is certainly not a lost dream!

Tuck’s Misty Isles

A while ago I was on Tuck’s Mistly Isles, for some photoshoots, and promised myself to come back and blog about this magical place. This morning I remembered, when going through some older pictures and decided to hope over and take the time.

Girls night out: horseback riding in Calas Galadhon Park

Every now and then it is nice to do something in Second Life with a group of friends, other then going to a club or sit somewhere and chat, and so it happened that last night the lovely Kerena Zhangsun invited us to come horseback riding in the Calas Galadhon Park, where she lives and…

The Endless Season

The Endless Season is one of those places that make you feel at home immediately and you do not want to leave! Well, that was what I felt when I went exploring this rural, lush place. Surrounded by mountains (off sim) and water, The Endless Season is a superb and detailed decorated land – with…

Tillicum Island

Tillicum Island is one of those gorgeous places you could spend all day. I spent some hours exploring and just sitting on the beach, enjoying the view and zooming around – discovering all kinds of lovely details and secluded spots. It is owned by Scott Yedmore (scott1.yedmore) and as he stated in the group description…

Pandora Box of Dreams

Pandora Box of Dreams is a great, Japanese styled, location which welcomes bloggers and photographers and all who want to enjoy a dreamy experience. The place has several gorgeous spots and lots of water (I always like that a lot!) and if you want to rezz your own props for pictures, all you have to…