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An Uncertain Destiny is the somewhat cryptic name of a lovely place. A garden with a beach and many great spots to sit and relax while you take the environment in. Owned and created by Boudicca Amat and she welcomes you to visit and be amazed.

An Uncertain Destiny - I - A Blogpost

Though the sim is Adult rated, visitors are requested to behave according to PG standards. Besides the small, intimate beach, there is a lot to explore. Beautiful, lush gardens and surprising statues.

An Uncertain Destiny - II - A Blogpost

According to the information in Boudicca’s profile there will be an art project some time this year, a reason to keep this landmark and visit it more often!

Enjoy and do not forget to bring your umbrella, as it is raining….and raining!

An Uncertain Destiny - III - A Blogpost

An Uncertain Destiny has its own Flickr Group, to join click here.

I’ve spent most of this evening on Devin. Not one, but two amazing sims with nature, wildlife, deserts, sandstorms and probably a lot more! A place to return to and enjoy, alone or with friends. Or even a date, as there are some really lovely spots with couple dances. The music stream is Slow Radio, which is great for exploring, chilling or dancing.

Devin - I - A blogpost

Devin I and II are owned by Roy Mildor, Ally Daysleeper and Alienmaus Allen and the rating is M.

Devin - III - A blogpost

You really want to go there, again…and again. I know I do!

Devin - IV - A blogpost

What else to do on a Saturday night than some exploring? OK, partying…and clubbing, but I wasn’t really in the mood for that, so exploring it was!

The Hell's Heaven 2.0 - II

The other day I visited The Hell’s Heaven 2.0 and was amazed by it. Such a great place! Wonderfully landscaped and decorated, so tonight I went back to look around some more.

The Hell's Heaven 2.0 - III

It is one of those locations in which you can spend many hours, so I would say: go there and enjoy!

The Hell's Heaven 2.0 - I

Have a great weekend!

A few weeks ago, just before the holidays, I received a surprising request. Brunella Voelisa wanted to interview me for her Second Life magazine, as she was given my name by Gogolita.
Of course I was honoured and very much surprised and after giving it some thought I decided to just go for it!

Attention Magazine - A blogpost - II

In between all the festivities of Christmas and New Years Eve I got interviewed and had a photoshoot done by one of the magazines guest photographers: Be (bewitched.difference). The theme for this issue was “the future” so it was fun to find some outfits for pics and also the interview had some questions about the future of Second Life.

A lovely experience, the interview ánd the photo shoot and this weekend the issue was published, with a great launch party.

Attention Magazine launch party

The magazine is an inworld issue, but luckily they do have an online version as well : here!
(note before clicking: adult content, nudity and such happens in this magazine)

If you want to get an in-world copy, please let me know and I will be happy to send you one (my interview starts on page 63).


I want to thank Gogolita for ‘nominating’ me, and Brunella and Be for their patience and how it turned out!

…and almost five million views on my Flickr stream!

After seeing some posts here and there on the internet,  with lists of all kind of statistics for the year 2016, lists and numbers from favourite websites, to photos and celebrity deaths – I thought it would be fun to look at my own statistics on Flickr. Something I admit I do not do very often. Actually, I think the last time I checked was about a year ago.

I made my Flickr account in 2010 out of curiosity and to be able to submit photos to some groups for contests, but got really into uploading on a regular basis since 2012.

Anyway. To my surprise, yes really, my Flickr stream is heading to the five million views. Not there yet – at the moment of blogging this article it is : 4,788,691 views. But still.

Screenshot Flickr stats 4jan2017.PNG

I’ve posted 7,187 photos up to now, though it may show different to my followers as I have some of my images set to private viewing.
I have currently 3.047 followers, and I want to thank each one of them!
In return I follow 1.016 people, an amount I can manage comfortably on a daily basis and although I know I want to follow more, I do have my limit in what I can view.

Now, what is the top 3 of my most favourited photos? I looked that up too and here they are:


I am happy with this top 3, as those are pics I am actually quite pleased with myself!

My personal favourite didn’t make it to this top 3, it is this one (it ended up as number 19);  which due to its maturity/adult rating – erotica – cannot be embedded and shared in a blog, so you will have to either believe me or dare to click here!

And then there is the top 3 of most viewed pics. Be prepared for an insane list with insane numbers of views. Oh and…yeah, topless is popular. Sigh.


So what do I do with all these statistics?

Nothing. I will continue to do what I do, I love to take pictures and document my Second Life, so I use Flickr for that.
And I also have an economic reason: storing my many blogpics for embedding – as it is in the end cheaper to have them on Flickr rather than in the expensive media-library of WordPress.


The Top 3 in favourites:
I stand for peace
Take my hand
Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

The top 3 in views:
Topless Tuesday
Happy Topless Tuesday!
Topless Tuesday_6aug13

It seems to be the trend to wish 2016 would just stop. The good news is, it will. Soon even! Just a few more days and then we collectively leave this year behind us and try to make the best of the new one.

Was 2016 bad? Hm. Maybe it was. But maybe 2015 was awful and 2014 horrible. But they had good things and wonderful experiences too. Even 2016.
Though I spent most of the Spring and Summer in hospital waiting rooms allover the country, tired and worrying, the good thing was: I got to catch up with old friends and relatives I had not seen in ages and also:  I finally had time to read a lot of books – what else can you when you just sit there with bad coffee and a sandwich made of plastic?

There is good in every year - II - a blogpost

Real life work was quite slow at times, which was worrisome and stressful but it gave me lots of time to go out with my dog – I took up running and cycling with him and this got me in a better physical (and mental) shape, making me stronger for new things to come. And I am sure they will, be it good or bad.

There is good in every year - III - a blogpost

And then there is this other thing that keeps lots of people busy, specially the past weeks. The number of celebrity deaths.While of course I am sad over the losses, even though I didn’t know them personally, it is good to realise that we have to get used to it. Why?

‘Because we’re now half a century on from the flourishing of both TV and pop culture in the 1960s, which massively expanded the overall pool of public figures’. – BBC’s Obituaries Editor Nick Serpell

Yes, I am sad to learn about the death of people whose movies I admired, music I enjoyed or books I loved. But the movies are still here, so is the music and so are the books. That is the good thing.

There is good in every year. Every. Year.

Cheers and a very happy 2017!

Link to article on Celebrity deaths in 2016
Photos taken on location Costa Blanco

Terminus‘ is the current them of the amazing photography-sim of Hell’s Crossing. I had to google it’; and Terminus is referring to the popular series The Walking Dead, which I have never seen!

Terminus - I

A sim with a zombie-infested forest, great for photoshoots (you can rezz your props!) or killing zombies if that is your thing. Or should I say, killing Walking Dead? Anyway, you do not need to kill the zombies, it is optional and since I left them alone and I was unarmed, they did not really bother me. OK, some of them bumped into me, but that was all. (For some light roleplay is can be fun to find them, they are by the way not hard to spot).

Terminus - II

On the landing point you will find a sign which gives you a notecard with some background information and the sim-rules.

Terminus - III

Terminus is lovely detailed and really cool to experiment with several windlights and settings, recommended if you are a bit tired of the ho-ho-ho happy snowmen and merry holiday themes :).

Terminus - IV