Fantasy Faire 2016

“Knowing someone isn’t coming back doesn’t mean you ever stop waiting”
― Toby Barlow

The Wall of Rembembrance at the Fairelands Junction. A place to remember, to ponder, to …wait. And smile.

Fantasy Faire 2016 - Waiting - A blogpost

Fantasy Faire 2016 -  Fairelands Junction - I


OtherWorld, the bright and mysterious land created and sponsored by Elicio Ember – Cerridwen’s Cauldron, is the home of the Literary Festival of the Fantasy Faire.

Last night I attended the “Sounds of Poems”, a wonderful way to explore the place – zooming with my camera – while listening to several writers who read their, or other peoples, poems. I has something calming and relaxing, and I recommend you give it a try if you haven’t already!

Since this Literary Festival is mainly readings done in voice, I made a short video – with sound! – as to give you a short impression. The readers are, in order of appearance, Adele Ward, Jolie Carter, Huckleberry Hax, and Sabreman Carter.

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Fantasy Faire 2017

Sometimes it is good to be a bit clumsy! This afternoon I was admiring the wonderful artwork and Gallery in Sapphire Mirror Lake, the arts and entertainment sim, when I tripped over a rock (and lost a new shoe!) and fell in the water.

Fantasy Faire 2016 Sapphire Mirror Lake - II - Blogpost!

As I was trying to attach my shoe back, I ended up on the bottom of the lake. It is a good thing my mesh hair and new outfit are waterproof and once I got my shoe back on I realised I was lucky to have fallen ……Under the surface of this epic lake is a whole other world.  And another gallery with artworks!

Fantasy Faire 2016 - Underwater gallery @Sapphire Mirror Lake

Of course, normal – not clumsy – visitors will use the official entrance, but hey hoo…I thought I was pretty lucky to discover all the underwater-goodness and better: my camera still worked and I was able to make a video of…

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Most of my online time I now spend on the Fairelands, enjoying the scenery, the parties and…looking at visitors strolling by, also referred to as ‘Faire Folk’. A huge diversity in looks and outfits, humans, elves, dwarfins and….dragons!

I managed to catch some on tape, as you know Dragons are really shy and they usually fly away when they see a camera!

If you haven’t been to the Fantasy Faire yet, you should! Go on…and enjoy!



Oh yes….it is coming….soon! My favourite event of the year: Fantasy Faire!

Fantasy Faire 2017


The doors slide open a nudge. There is no expected creak, no sound despite their heavy appearance. There’s just light, escaping in brilliant rays and dancing sparkles, in a wisp of purple curling toward the onlooker.

The Fairelands are stirring, taking shape in their gradual annual rebirth. Streams spring to life, forests grow out of mere blades of grass, mountains flatten to valleys, sand turns to stars, the breeze carries scents of sea and adventure.

The doors are opening. The portals are shifting, searching for the connection to our world. Soon.

Fantasy Faire is coming. The eleven days of magic will take place April 21st – May 1st and the preparations are well under way.

If you are a creator looking to participate in the Faire, there might still be a few themed stores available, but no guarantees! Check out the registration form here. If you are interested in sponsoring…

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