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Yes, that is right. I am going to tell something about a product! And only because I am very excited about it and think every Second Life Photographer will want to have it!

The Black Tulip Camera HUD.

I have never used a camera HUD in SL before, as I just fiddle along and accepted the occasional failed image or having to re-do a shot because I moved my camera and could not find that perfect angle back. You know; you spent some time and finally have the perfect picture and then you see you need to derender or rezz something, or your pet jumps on your keyboard and tataaa: gone is your perfect framed shot. Or worse: you crash.

The past days I have been using the Camera HUD from Black Tulip by Auryn Beorn when shooting pictures at the soon to be opened Fantasy Faire. I was so easy to use and helped me a lot in getting 15 sims photographed without losing time in manually repositioning my camera.

The HUD is really easy to use, it comes with a clear manual; but I was able to use it right away without having to read it first….so that means it is simple to operate!

How it works?

All you have to do is attach this nice vintage looking HUD (it can be clicked on the little hand to minimise it when not in use). Once you have set up your shot, and you are totally happy with it, click on the HUD (save) and a menu appears and you can save the camera position and give it a name – up to 60 positions available!

Camera HUD sofa - I

Now, if you need to do something else to change your scene, and you move your camera, or you crash/need to relog….no worry and no panic!
Just click on the HUD – restore – and in the menu choose the position you saved. Then simply click on ESC (the HUD tells you that) and voila: you will see your camera going back to how it was!

Camera HUD sofa - II


As I cannot show examples of pics of the Fantasy Faire yet, and I didn’t have a lot of time to make all kinds of images for this blogpost, I have created one to show you what I did.

I’ve saved a shot in the HUD from my sofa in my home and then went sitting on all the spots, taking pics of every position. When standing up and sitting, I’ve accidentally moved the view, but with the HUD it was easy to restore it.

Camera HUD sofa

After I had all the pics, I stacked them on top of each other in PicMonkey (as I do not have Photoshop) and erased bits and pieces to make it look like I am sitting there with 4 of my clones. Because all the shots were exactly the same, it was really simple to do – imaging this for photo’s when you change outfits or avatars for every shot to make it look like an actual group of people.

The HUD does not save windlights or avatar positions, it only stores the camera focus.

I believe there are many cases in which you can use this HUD, I for one..will never leave home without it anymore!

The Black Tulip Camera HUD is currently only available at the Pose Fair till 29th April and after that it will be in their mainstore and on MP.

PS: Yes, you see in the image that I have used a test version which was given to me by Auryn a few weeks ago, for testing only. She never asked or expected me to promote it in my blog or anywhere, but I do that because it is awesome :P

Oh the Fantasy Faire 2017 is almost there, two nights sleep and then ….the awesomeness opens to all!

Fantasy Faire 2017

The Fairelands have returned to the grid, as they do every year…and oh my, have I been waiting for them! And not just me, no no…all of the Fairefolk past, present and future have been looking out for their home to return.

Opening the 20th of April, a world in a world will be there to explore. And if you thought last year, or the year before etc…that it could not get any better? Wrong, it is once again…better, more amazing, more awesome and exciting.

Soon - II

How do I know? Well I sneaked in and took some secret pics with my hidden camera!

OK. No. That is not true. I am honoured to be one of the official FF Photographers again, and so I got early access to shoot pics and videos before the Fairefolk moved in.

soon _iii

Respect and admiration for the sim builders, the creators, the organisation, the designers, the…

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Before I am offline for some family visits this Easter weekend, I had some fun dancing in at  the Gardens by the Bay (LEA15), in one of the many cute and magical spots on that sim. Such a lovely place, be sure to go there and explore, it will make you smile!

Happy Easter

Gardens by the Bay - II -  A blogpost


What’s all the stuff?
I am wearing the Sugar Bunny outfit from Boudoir
The hair is from EMO-tions, at Hairology
The dance is by Sync’d Motion

Have you visited Filling the Cauldron yet? You should! I am honoured to be a small part of this, with a selection of my pictures of Elicio Embers past Fantasy Faire builds and proud to be surrounded by talented SL Photographers!

Filling The Cauldron

Filling the Cauldron features eight art displays in the main event space, located next to the Welcome Area. The art of display comes from a mix of Invited and Guest Artists, and has a focus on Elicio Ember’s creations.

Our Invited Artists are Alisaundra Andel, the official Fantasy Faire photographer; Sonya Marmenuk, official Fantasy Faire webmistress and talented photographer and Caitlin Tobias, official fantasy faire blogger and photographer. Our Guest Artists are Ursula Floresby, Deoridhe Quandry and John Brianna, all of whom responded to our invitation to artists to display their art at Filling the Cauldron, and they are joined by Vecchio Barbosa and myself.

Discover more about our artists below – some of whom provide a look at their work in their own words.

Alisaundra Andel

Alisaundra Andel

“About me? Hmm, this is never easy for me to do.  I’ve been in SL since 2008; I’m a photographer…

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Lately I have not been online in Second Life much, due to real life work for one, but also the fact that my social life inworld seems to be nihil at the moment. I’ve tried to find new places, meet new people, but that didn’t really work out. So rather than sitting online looking at myself, I’ve been binge-watching tv series.
To get rid of the guilty feeling of becoming a couch potato I’ve been running a lot. Well running may be a big word, I think what I do is more ‘jogging’…but running sounds cooler!

To illustrate, I ‘run’ with my dog, who does not even need to speed up his normal pace, he just happily ‘walks’ alongside me. Mind you, he is a small Jack Russell Terrier, not some superfast Greyhound!

Runs with dog - A blogpost - II

It is fun though, and I keep doing it and my dog seems to like it too – specially now he finally understands which side of the trees and lamp poles he has to take to prevent getting us tangled in his leash. I use a special ‘runners’ leash. Yes, who knew those existed, I didn’t! It’s attached to a comfy padded belt around my waist/hips, and the leash itself is elastic, so when he abruptly stops to sniff something interesting (about every 3 meters),  there is no harsh pulling or a sudden full stop!

Runs with dog - A blogpost - I

Anyway, if you want to know statistics: we run 3 or 4 times a week, 4 kilometers and this takes us almost an hour. Yes, I am that slow. But hey, the dog needs to pee and sniff a lot, he is a dude, right? I’ve given up using one of those apps that keep track of your running performance, as they only sent me notifications telling me I should speed up and run more and faster. Giving me statistics on how slow I am compared to ‘my friends using this app’  isn’t really motivating me!

Our next adventure will be: him running next to my bicycle, but that will be a whole other challenge!

The pictures in this post are totally unrelated, taken on a wonderful new to me sim, Orcadi Island – Black Cat Island. You should go check it out!

Runs with dog - A blogpost - III

If you are looking for a quiet place, beautifully landscaped and decorated, surrounded by the sea, you really want to visit The Heart of the Sea!

The Heart of the Sea - II - a blogpost

A new destination, and very much worth a visit – great for photography and exploring! There are secluded small beaches, and on top of the hill you will find grasslands with sheep and horses. I also recommend you play the music stream, the classical music certainly adds to the ambiance.

The Heart of the Sea - III - a blogpost

My pictures do not do it justice, you should go there yourself and if …no…when!, you take pictures, do not forget to add them to the Heart of the Sea Flickgroup!

No, you don't