SL8B – Main stage last night

Last night I was scheduled as volunteer (Greeter) at the Main stage, my first official shift – w00t! I have been to a lot of performances already and enjoyed all of them on the various stages, different styles and music, but what I saw on the Main stage last night was a new one for…

SL8B – DJ Stage 2

Oh oh…I am getting a bit behind in posting! Monday night I went out dancing at SL8B and ended up at the DJ Stage 2, where DJ Ranger Thymus was playing great tunes! I joined in a huddle-dance thing and next thing I know I was dancing all synchronized on Run DMC….w00t!

SL8B – Cake Stage & Stage Park

Wonderful relaxing…after a long day at the office, I flew around a bit on SL8B and listened to DJ Tabby’s tunes at the Cake Stage and afterwards scored a delicious hotdog in the Stage Park! Heh. It’s not easy to eat properly in SL, so forgive me for stuffing my face….!  

SL8B – Mad Hats!

The SL8B Greeters hand out a folder filled with lovely birthdaypresents, including 4 funny hats! There is more in the package, so if you did not get yours yet…just ask any Greeter and they will be happy to hand you a set! For now, I am showing you……the Mad Hats!

SL8B – This volunteer is ready….!

It took me a while, thinking on  how to dress up my avatar to be a proper, recognizable Volunteer for the SL8B, as we got a t-shirt and a top hat (gah!) to wear. Being an Android….t-shirt?! Hm! Anyways, off I went to +DV8+ again and got the pink and purple version of my new…

SL8B – Astonish & Captivate (press preview)

This morning I visited two sims on SL8B (as it is open to builders and press!); Astonish and Captivate. Lovely builds, some bizarre, others cute! I played a bit with the realtime shadows (in Viewer 2.7) and some windlightsettings, SL8B is perfect for taking pics!

Caroline’s Jewelry

In an attempt to dress up Caity a bit more girly this week, I figured it was time for some nice new earrings. Caity never wears, or hardly even owns,  jewelry, so this was an excellent shopping excuse! I went to a place I had never been before: Caroline’s Jewelry. Nice shop and very lovely…

Virtual calories

No matter how active Cait is, she is never hungry….and never needs food to keep the energy going! Still, food in Second Life is fun. And in some cases beautiful even! I stumbled across a lovely tea-room on a nice sim, Nonino Sweets. mouth-watering cakes and donuts for display, really well made. The environment is…