The Ratt and The Cat

This evening I enjoyed watching some spars between Ellie and Ratt. I tried to make nice action-shots, but it is never easy to get a good one! They both moved so fast and ran out of camera view all the time or the animations make the avatar look weird! I always like the animations in…

Maybe a bit early…..

…for Halloween decorations? But oh well! I’ve been offline for most of the week and when I finally found an hour or two in between rl-work-troubles, I really needed to do something I enjoyed, so I decorated ImperiuM Island for Halloween!

Ellie’s Time out

Last night I rezzed the Padded Room from aDorkable (yeah, another Platinum Hunt item!) in the dojo, to check it out. Within a couple of minutes Ellie took a time-out in it! No worries, Ellie is just fine, it just shows even brave Samurai need some peace and quiet every now and again….