The Ruins of Deepmarsh

Sometimes all I want to do, when logging into Second Life, is go to a pretty place and take pictures. Just wandering about or sit somewhere and look around, listening to some good music and enjoy the scenery. That is what I did tonight. Real life has been hectic all week and in The Ruins…

The Pillars – by Oberon Onmura

Though my Flickr stream may give the impression I am always clubbing or shopping, this is not quite true. Most of my inworld time I spend either helping members of the SL Blogger Support Group and exploring and enjoying new locations and art installations. The past weeks I’v been taking things easy, due to the…

The Rains of Castamere

A few days ago I explored a new sim, designed and decorated by Arol Lightfoot : The Rains of Castamere. A wonderful fantasy world, meant for photographers (as the landinformation states) and you are invited to add your photos to the dedicated Flickr-group!

Bury your fears, bury your dreams

Not quite the cheerful post title ever is it? It is the title of a new art installation at MetaLes, by Selavy Oh, so excuse me for the sombre headline!

The Gates of Melancholy

The past week I spent quite some time in The Gates of Melancholy,  because it is a gorgeous photogenic location. I took lots of pictures there, but those did not really feature the sim – I used it as backdrop..and to make up for that rudeness I went back and took photo’s for a blogpost….


‘Inked’ is a photo exhibition by Elizabeth Nantes, in Art Gallery Dathuil. It opened last night and while I usually not particularly like photo’s on display in Second Life (I prefer to  enjoy them on Flickr, where I can see them in high resolution and on a big screen) ‘Inked’ is certainly worth a visit.

SL13B – ‘The Shared Adventure’

Tomorrow, at 12:00 AM SLT,  the 17 SL13B sims will open and the celebration of Second Life’s 13th Birthday will begin! Prepare for a week of parties, exhibitions, experiences and discussions. There will be so much to see and do, a week always seems too short. Today I SL13B was open for the Press and…

It all starts with a (tropical) smile!

Kaelyn Alecto has turned her sim ‘It all starts with a smile‘ (or IASWAS) into a tropical paradise, and it will be opened to the public on Monday 13 June at Noon SLT. I had the opportunity to go have a look already, so tonight I spent some lovely sunny hours exploring and looking around!

Follow your Bliss

After a day of work, I can always really look forward to logging in and either catch up with friends, shop or explore locations and take pictures. Todays RL work was not too bad and I had quite a productive day, so I allowed myself to log in a bit earlier than usual. I’ve seen…


While looking for some nice photogenic places, I ended up in Lauren Bentham’s Netherwood. As her notecard with rules (yes, there are some normal rules) and information says: ‘Netherwood, while a fictional name, is inspired by the picturesque English Lake District where I have lived all of my life.  I decided it was time for…