From Here On There Be Dragons

“Always remember, it’s simply not an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons.” ~J.R.R Tolkien

From Here On There be Dragons is an art installation, currently on display at Split Screen, by Alpha Auer.
A modern building in the sky, guarded by amazing golden Dragons. The mythological creatures stand on a floor which is textured with  a leaf from Abraham Ortelius’s “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum,” a Renaissance map of the world – as to visualise how renaissance and medieval map makers used to draw sea-creatures and dragons on maps of unknown territories (or the edge of the world, of course).

From here on there be dragons - II - blogpost

Whether you love old world-maps or Dragons, or both!, the exhibition is certainly worth a visit, the Dragons (as far as I could see they are created by Jade Leaf Studio’s Ayuki) are wonderfully detailed and stunning!

From here on there be dragons - III - blogpost

At the entrance you can pick up a free avatar, made by Alpha Auer!


From here on there be dragons - I - blogpost


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  1. Alpha Auer says:

    Thank you so much! And yes, well spotted, the dragons are made by Jade Leaf Studios. Amazing work! Even though I did change all of their textures the credit still definitely goes to Ayuki!

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