Buzz, the new club in town

Clubs in Second Life, they have always been there for as long as I am a resident. And I suppose they will always be there for as long as Second Life exists. I love to go to clubs, for the music, the dancing and meeting people. Well or just dance and listen to the tunes,…

SL8B – DJ Stage 2

Oh oh…I am getting a bit behind in posting! Monday night I went out dancing at SL8B and ended up at the DJ Stage 2, where DJ Ranger Thymus was playing great tunes! I joined in a huddle-dance thing and next thing I know I was dancing all synchronized on Run DMC….w00t!

SL8B – Cake Stage & Stage Park

Wonderful relaxing…after a long day at the office, I flew around a bit on SL8B and listened to DJ Tabby’s tunes at the Cake Stage and afterwards scored a delicious hotdog in the Stage Park! Heh. It’s not easy to eat properly in SL, so forgive me for stuffing my face….!