The Fantasy Faire Film Competition is open to votes!

Edit 1: The date of the Award Ceremony is 6th May and not 7th! Edit 2: For the public voting, the film with most amount of LS in their Kiosk will win, not the number of votes! For the second year the Fantasy Faire Film festival organised a film competition. Rules were pretty straight forward….

Fantasy Plant Lovers Unite!

Originally posted on Fantasy Faire:
As an avid lover of plants, I find myself drawn to them both in real life and in Second Life. Whenever I start decorating my virtual home, the first thing I do is gather all the plants and trees that I’ve collected over the years and add them to my…

The Fantasy faire 2023 is open!

The wait for the opening of the Fantasy Faire may seem endless, spanning a whole year, but now the time has finally arrived and the Fairelands have returned! For the next few weeks, you’ll find me wandering the Fairelands, camera in hand and heart full of wonder. I’ll be sharing my journey through regular blog…