The Fantasy Faire Film Competition is open to votes!

Edit 1: The date of the Award Ceremony is 6th May and not 7th!

Edit 2: For the public voting, the film with most amount of LS in their Kiosk will win, not the number of votes!

For the second year the Fantasy Faire Film festival organised a film competition. Rules were pretty straight forward. The videos had to be filmed in the Fairelands 2023 with a maximal lenght of 5 minutes. You could submit your work in 3 catagories: Fiction, Factual and Livestreams, each of which will be awarded a prize (the golden Wafflie statue)!

I always love to make short videos at the Fantasy Faire, I’ve been doing that since a couple of years, and while I usually don’t participate in any kind of competition in Second Life –  and am not a fan of competitions with a ‘popular vote’ score, I decided to enter this one. Simply because I love the Faire, and the voting will be by using the kiosks; you can vote on your favourite video by donating L$ in the designated kioks at the Stump Theatre in Fungalmire.


The Stump Theatre

This year, I decided to submit two videos for consideration. One is a fictional tale entitled ‘Coming Home’, which was loosely based on a real-life experience and was fun to make.

Coming Home

The second one is in the ‘factual’ category and is a short tour through most of the Fairelands.

The Fantasy Faire 2023

The total of 13 films in competition will be shown (at 11AM) from May 2nd – May 5th. Prizes for the top film in each category will be awarded at a special ceremony on May 6th, with an after party!

All entries can be viewed on the official Fantasy Faire website. After watching the films, make sure to head over to Fungalmire to cast your vote. (vote for me!)
Every vote counts, and the video with most amount of Linden dollars wins!  Give as much or as little as you can, as this competition is a fundraiser for RFL!

SLurl to The Stump Theatre

All entries for the FilmFest Competition

The Fantasy Faire official website


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