The end-party of the Fantasy Faire, a gathering of all Fairefolk and party-peeps from allover the grid, did not happen this year.
It was not held on The Rose – which finally came to bloom and was filled with roses – and certainly not in the pool.
Some 78+ or more people did not dance and there was no fun. Nope. Nothing. Happened.

And no, I did not film anything. Nada.


Did you know the Fairefolk, the residents of the Fantasy Faire,  are actually really hardcore party-peeps?
They will not end a day without a party and dancing, and that is why the Faire Chylde is such a great place. Docked at Kakushi Pasu – the home of the Literary Festival – this Dragon borne ship is the heart of the parties.

Fantasy Faire 2017 - Party Peeps - A Blogpost

Kayle Matzerath at the FF Kickoff party

So, if you are in for some dancing and chatting after a day of exploring and shopping on the Fairelands, why not come over and join the fun and meet creators, sim builders and other Fairefolk?

You will be amazed on how friendly they are, okay…some are not to happy to see Elves – like Ciaran and my friend Huckleberry/Gollum (yes, he looks a bit tired these days…..), who both seem to think one should never trust an Elf!?
But besides that, it is all good fun! Really!

He would not let me touch his ring...

‘I know what you Elves are like’


Just check out the Fantasy Faire Calender of Events  for party-times. And oh….did you know…you can listen to the music played at the parties anyway, by tuning in to Fantasy Faire Radio?

Last night I explored the sims Party and Tisa, homes to even more amazing buildings! It is seriously a lot of work to go and see everything and to decide what to blog about, I wish I could cover everything!!

On Party I got drawn to a rather sweet build by Fairyzette Sahara, I just love the expression on these adorable faces and the overall colours and set-up!


On Tisa I found a parcel called ‘Geisha’s Dream’, a serene little Japanese garden, tucked away in between huge and colourful buildings. Wonderful and reminded me of my good old katana days..:)

Since I have been happily snapping away with my camera, I am struggling what to do with all the nice images….So here two random pics I took, just because I like them!

on Jamboree

The hot desert of Shindig