Party at the Cave

It’s almost time for the Cave Party! The closing with a bang of Waarheid The Exhibition!

What the Huck?

Tuesday 31 January – one week from today – will be the final day of WAARHEID: The Exhibition. To celebrate its six week run, there will be a ‘final weekend’ party in the cave set on Friday 27 January at 4pm SLT. All are invited.

LANDMARK. This takes you to the welcome point for the exhibition. Follow the sign to the cave.

I will be DJing the event, but – as a special treat – the tracks have all been chosen by G J Hicks, the composer of the electronic music tracks used in both WAARHEID and its predecessor, STÖMOL. GJ has chosen two hours of some of his favourite tracks, so if you’re interested in learning more about his musical influences, this will be a great event to attend.

Of course, you can still visit the exhibition in the week remaining (use the landmark above). We’ve had a few…

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