“Maybe we should talk? “- by Cain Maven

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This weeks guest-blogger, in our new series, is house-builder and Second Life architect Cain Maven.  You will get to know him better in this article he wrote for us. Food for thought, thank you Cain for taking the time in your busy schedule to give us your insights! I…

“The View From the Blogger Manager’s Window” – by Kess Crystal

Originally posted on SL Blogger Support:
I was approached some weeks ago now to write an article for SL Blogger Support  about the other side of the fence…the life of a blogger manager. As well as being a blogger myself I was also responsible for the blogging team for both MadPea and SwagBag as part…

“Invictus” – by Storm Septimus

Second Life artist Storm Septimus has created an installation on LEA, called “Invictus” – based on the famous poem with the same title by  William Ernest Henley; Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell…

Love is all around

No matter what happens, it is often good to be reminded of the good things in life. Like, love. Last Saturday I attended the wedding of Dee and Skip (delinda.dench and skip.staheli) and was honoured to be a guest at the romantic ceremony – Ibiza beach style, dresscode was ‘white’) and it was ever so…

The greatest love of all

‘I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadows If I fail, if I succeed At least I’ll live as I believe No matter what they take from me They can’t take away my dignity Because the greatest love of all Is happening to me I found the greatest love of all Inside of…

Hey you!

Originally posted on SL Blogger Support:
Yes, you! Are you a creator, blogger-manager, event -organiser, artist, curator, photographer or sim-owner (or anyone I missed in this!) and you do have some awesome tips and tricks, questions and/or experiences to share with the SL Blogger Community? Read on! We are looking for guest-authors on the SL…

Bury your fears, bury your dreams

Not quite the cheerful post title ever is it? It is the title of a new art installation at MetaLes, by Selavy Oh, so excuse me for the sombre headline!

Oh, these miss you nights….

‘Midnight diamonds stud my heaven Southward burning like the jewels that eye your place And the warm winds that embrace me Just as surely kissed your face Yeah these miss you nights they’re the longest’

The Gates of Melancholy

The past week I spent quite some time in The Gates of Melancholy,  because it is a gorgeous photogenic location. I took lots of pictures there, but those did not really feature the sim – I used it as backdrop..and to make up for that rudeness I went back and took photo’s for a blogpost….


‘Inked’ is a photo exhibition by Elizabeth Nantes, in Art Gallery Dathuil. It opened last night and while I usually not particularly like photo’s on display in Second Life (I prefer to  enjoy them on Flickr, where I can see them in high resolution and on a big screen) ‘Inked’ is certainly worth a visit.