In 1978, when I was a young, innocent,  Caity, I had my first crush. The object of my affection was Han Solo – later I learned this was Harrison Ford, but for me in those days he was Han Solo – and I was deeply in love with him. My grandfather bought me a pop-up book from Star Wars, after my Dad had sneaked me into the cinema to watch Star Wars together (I was officially just a few months too young) and with the pop-up book I relived and replayed the movie many, many times. And me kissing Han Solo of course.

Star Wars Untold Stories - I

@ Star Wars: Untold Stories

Why these memories? Well, currently there are two locations in Second Life completely dedicated to Star Wars! I’ve visited both and though they are completely different, they are both awesome and a must visit for all Han Solo lovers…errr…I mean: Star Wars fans!

Star Wars Untold Stories - II

@ Star wars: Untold Stories

The first set I visited was Star Wars: The Untold Stories. An epic set for a performance (which I sadly missed) on LEA. Colourful and filled with action!
The other one is Furillen, also amazing and very immersive. Furillen made me dig up my Padmé (Queen Amidala) avatar for some pics, though she may seem a bit out of place, but hey hooo…this is SL and I liked it!

Not as good as my pop-up book - A blogpost

@ Furillen

It wasn’t as good as my hours playing with the pop-up book, but it came close. Now I want a date with Han Solo. Or Indiana Jones, but that is for another blogpost!

Star Wars: The Untold Stories

And for some more randomness in sequence, here my all time favourite Star Wars soundtrack


A few weeks ago I got an invitation from Inara Pey, who invited me to display my work at Holly Kai Park – for their monthly exhibition ‘Art at the Park‘.
I was hesitant at first, it is no secret I am not a fan of SL photo-works being displayed Inworld. I simply do not see the point of going inworld to a Gallery and painfully zoom in on framed pics, while it looks so much better on my monitor in Flickr.

The other thing is, I do not consider myself an SL Artist. I am a snapshotter and my pics on Flickr and my blog are just me documenting my Second Life. I do not have Photoshop, but for fun,  I like to use filters in some free browser based software like PicMonkey.

I’ve given Inara’s invitation some thought, and decided to give it a go. I had time, and it turned out to be fun to work on new pics including a theme and all, specially for Art at the Park.

I want to thank my good friends who were willing to pose with me for this exhibition , and their patience, many big hugs to Brad, Huckleberry, JC, Tem, Gabriel and Nearly!


In my display at Art at the Park, I’ve rezzed the pose (by Del May)  I have used and put it in front of a backdrop similar to the windlight used in my portraits: feel free to go and pose with a friend, as you are…:)

Come As You Are - a blogpost

Date:  Saturday, December 3rd, 2016
Time: 12:00 NOON SLT.
Slurl: The Art at the Park event area, at the top of the hill – the large green area with the tables of food and drink!
Stream music via Brad Chambers and the crew at Martini in the Morning ( to follow

Dress for the opening is formal preferred, just to give it a little sparkle! Please feel free to invite your friends, love ones, fans, whoever!

(Note that the region will be restarted approximately 30 minutes before the opening to ensure it is running optimally)

My friend Beth has gone through a rough Second Life summer and today she posted an article on her blog, explaining why she has reset her Second Life past and purged her Flickr, virtually erasing a couple of months.

Elysion - Distillery Dia De Los Muertes - I

I think we, Second Life residents, can relate to that. Second Life is, for most, not just a Barbie and dress-up playground, but a true second ‘life‘. It sure is to me. While I admit that playing the dress-up and all is something I really enjoy, I do understand Beth’s emotional roller-coaster when it comes to relationships, be it romantically or not. Been there, done it, got the mesh-shirt. Haven’t we all? Like many others in Second Life, I have had the immense joy of finding a soulmate and also the grief and pain of losing them, for all kind of reasons. Did I erase and purge my past? No I have never done that. I have unfriended and got unfriended. I’ve deleted some dedicated albums on Flickr (but never the pics themselves), I have never removed blog-posts.
Nothing compares to you...

Do I look at said pics and posts? Nope, some are too painful still, but they are out I posted them and they represent me and my past.
I have loved and I have lost. I cherish  the memories by now, and also cannot bear to look at some pictures and other online statements made at that time. One day I might. Or maybe never.
The thing is, those memories..the visual proof of experiences that were absolutely awesome and the good times, I would not want to erase them. Even though times changed, loves and friendships have vaporized and are gone, there were real.
I refuse to regret past and gone loves and friendships, no matter why or how they ended.

Date night

Love and friends happened and they were wonderful,  deleting the pictures and/or blogs would hurt me as much as the actual break ups. I keep them online, but try not to dwell over them. In some cases I will never look at them again. Moving on is another thing.

It happens. It happened. It was good and then it wasn’t.

Reciprocal, one of those words I cannot pronounce out loud without breaking my tongue. Admitting the Dutch word for it (wederkerig) is so old-fashioned,  I doubt anyone born before 1960 knows what it means!

Why this pondering over a word I cannot pronounce properly and which is so out of date in my native language? Well, this is caused by Flickr. And a script.

The other day I ran into a discussion on Plurk, in which someone asked if it was possible to see, on Flickr, if persons you follow are following you back or not. Ergo, how to identify or filter non-reciprocal Flickr contacts.
This intrigued me and lead me to an old Flickr discussion, in which Thomas Leuthard had posted a ready to use script,  which makes it possible to show your non-reciprocal contacts.
All you need is that script added to the GreaseMonkey add-on (if you are a FireFox user) and tataaa….:after enabling said script it will show you the people you follow on Flickr, but do not follow YOU back in red.

I installed it, because curious!

Hanging on

Curious Caity is curious

So yes, I saw contacts in Flickr I follow and whose work I love and enjoy and saw some of them did not follow me. OMG! Non-reciprocal contacts, I haz them!
I follow them for several reasons:

  1. I love their work
  2. They are a creator/designer/event-owner and I love to be kept updated on their releases
  3. I love their work

Am I disappointed to discover they do not follow me back?
No. I am not. Because I would like to think they have the same reasons as I have, to follow or not follow someone.

Am I happy with this magic script, telling me who is a non-reciprocal contact?
Not really. Because I do not care.
Do not get me wrong, I appreciate and love it when someone finds my work worthy enough to follow. But I am not at all offended if I follow someone and they do not follow me. As much as I decide what I want to see on my Flickr feed, it is everyone else’s choice as well.

I do believe in (social ) networking and all that- very much, but I do not believe in the blind and strict: I only follow you when you follow me!
Love what you love, do not expect or demand followers. Un-following someone, whose work you love and enjoy;  just because they do not follow you…meh:it makes your (flickr) world small and exclusive.

PS: I’ve disabled the script, because all of the above.

In the mood for some SL exploring, I ended up at Hunting Hollows. Yeah, it is a Halloween themed sim, but a pretty cool one for just wandering around – even when you are not into Halloween.
Upon landing you are offered a folder which contains a flashlight, handy…because the place is quite dark. Very dark.

Hunting Hollows - II

Of course it has creepy and spooky things, including a horror-clown which spits out colourful particles when you get close by. Perhaps to not relate to the real life horror-clowns?

Hunting Hollows - IV

Anyway, a nice place for taking pictures and play with other windlights than the region setting, and since I prefer my Second Life usually bright and sunny, I turned this dark and depressing woods into a lovely, summer-like picnic spot!

Hunting Hollows - III

SLURL: Hunting Hollows

A great offer if you are a fan of Huckleberry Hax’ books! And if you have not read them yet…I can highly recommend his ‘AFK‘ series –  murder, suspense, love and lust;  all in Second Life! Nope..I will not spoil anything about the latest release in this series, you should read it yourself! Enjoy!


What the Huck?


I’m drawing the AFK series to a close with a fifth and final novel, AFK, Awaiting. The book has been finished for a few months, now, and I’m grateful to the feedback I’ve had since from a small number of advance readers, in particular Caitlin Tobias and Zoe Parness (Zoe very helpfully pointed out that I’d managed to spell the name of one of my key characters wrong throughout the book – this is why a writer needs fans).  I now want to reward my most loyal readers also with a free copy.

Some of you might recall my attempt at soliciting reviews last year by promising not to release this title until I’d acquired no less than 100 reviews for the fourth AFK novel, AFK, in Pursuit of Avengement.  I’m not quite done with that plan yet.  It did occur to me, however, that I might…

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Over the past years I started some groups on Flickr – with themes. Just for fun, so people could add their photo’s that fitted in the same theme and so create some wonderful collections for all to enjoy.

While it was fun at first, it became a burden  – specially the past 2 years. Oh, there were lovely contributions and wonderful photos added to the groups but for each picture that suited and followed the ‘rules/guidelines’ there were dozens of pics that had NOTHING to do with the groups theme. The dozens soon turned into hundreds and I had to set my groups to ‘moderated’, meaning I had to manually approve each photo.
A drag and a burden. Thousands….of pics that were blindly added to the groups: ads, porn, vendor-images and blog-pics with no connection to the theme whatsoever. Nothing.

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