It’s still a shame

I used to be a very loyal and enthusiastic Emerald user, for almost 2 years. Untill LL came with their Viewer 2.0 which I found highly interesting and I loved some of the features (outfits, media on a prim, browser-based and all, oh and did I mention outifits?).
As the GUI of Viewer 2.o was a bit too dark for my taste, and the sidepanel too much ..I switched to Kirstens S20, a TPV with all the nice things 2.x has, but a more pleasant interface.
The latest developments in the ‘Emerald-gate’  only made me realise I made a good choice, as Emerald was a great viewer with great option, theyhave now (for at least 2 times officially admitted) abused the trust of their customers. I followed the news and forumposts about all this with great interest.

Using the loginscreen of their users to organise a Ddos attack on some website is the latest one and discussed on the SL forums the last week.
Yesterday LL finally posted their official statement on the website, regarding all this, so for those who were still unaware of what was going on: click here.

It’s still a shame, as Emerald was/is a good viewer. Maybe the Emerald Team  will clean up their act as they promised, but for me…no more, sorry…And yeah, I have removed all Emerald bits and pieces from my machine, and and also removed the lsl-bridge inworld from my inventory. Better safe than sorry..

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