As I blogged the other day, I had some serious issues with my inventory. Well issues: it was all gone. But only in the LL Viewer, my preferred viewer, so after I filed a ticket for help, I downloaded Singularity first and all went well in that one – inventory and everything complete – but I could not get used to the oldskool look of their UI. A personal thing, Singularity is not at all bad.
On Becky’s suggestion I tried Alchemy Viewer, totally new to me, and to my delight it looks and feels and works exactly like the LL Viewer (okay, some minor things are different, like the colours of the UI) so I felt comfortable enough to use that as long as LL was working on my problems.

I got some replies, mainly with questions to perform actions which I could not do, because: NO INVENTORY, such as “please try to empty your trash’ or ‘give us a list of the names of the missing object(s)’…Argh! Headdesk much?
I kept my cool though and replied with several screenshot, explained again and again, and well..waited.

Extra-long-weekend-Wine O'Clock! Cheers!

..might as well have a wine while waiting!

Till last night I read Inara Pey’s blog on SL Project updates and then I saw my issues:
Apparently the disabling of HTTP Textures triggers the inventory to not load while one is on RC server and in LL Viewer, and my home on mainland happens to be on RC Magnum.
Also, there was a bug which made your trash return after emptying – also on the RC servers – something I experienced lately but kind of shrugged off as ‘Oh, I thought I emptied my trash, but it seems I didn’t…’.

I decided to wait till after the 1st of April and not try LL viewer, because that day LL would perform the maintenance, so this morning I was ready for it. To be sure I logged in into Pooley, and not my home, and all was empty. I checked the HTTP textures and indeed I had somehow, at some point (I have NO idea) disabled that. So, I ticked it and relogged and …..: there I was. Butt naked on the bottom of the sea in Pooley, while my precious inventory was loading slowly but surely, in the LL Viewer!

Hiding in the attic...

…and hide the Easter Eggs for the weekend…

Ergo, it seems to be fixed! Not really thanks to LL support, alas,…I wished they would have come with the idea of me being in RC Magnum (it shows on several screenshots I provided) and the HTTP Textures disabling causing all this, surely I cannot be the only one with this?

Anyway, I am happy and have closed the ticket and I wish you all a wonderful and cheerful Easter Weekend!


Yeah yeah, I know one is supposed to say: Sharing is Caring, but in this post I wanted to elaborate a bit more on the fun side of sharing, namely: sharing pictures from within Second Life to outside platforms and..the fun options we have since last April.

Note: I am using the LL Viewer, exclusively, so I am not quite aware on how or  if this works  the same in other viewers!

So, since April it is possible to easily share pictures you take in SL to either Flickr, Facebook or Twitter. Of course you do need to have an account on those services, as you need to connect your SL account with one of those – or all, as in my case . It is of course, still possible to share your images on your (aka, the profile feed or feeds), but the latter has less fun options, so I will post on sharing with Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

You will find the ‘sharing options’ in two different places in the LL Viewer, either you drop the buttons from the Button toolbar (in ME > Toolbar buttons) to your preferred spot in the viewer, or you use the links provided in the ‘snapshot menu’. In the picture below I show both options in one screen.
I have to add when you use the links in the snapshot menu, it will open a new menu – which is the same as the one when you would use the designated toolbar button. Hence, I have the toolbar buttons in my viewer, for my convenience but it is of course personal!
(Click picture to get a larger version)

Sharing - I

When you, let’s say in this example, want to share pictures directly to Flickr, all you have to do is click the Flickr button and a snapshot/sharing menu will appear. The first time it will ask you to connect to your Flickr account, so keep your password near…it will take a few minutes (in my case it was really fast) and then you are good to go. Same goes for Facebook and Twitter.

Soooo..I want to share something on Flickr, a portrait of my new Doll Head, I am in a nice pose, fiddling with some windlight and shadows till I am happy and then click the Flick- button (click picture to get a larger version):

Sharing - II

The fun part is beginning, well for me….As you see there are 2 drop down menus, one is for choosing a size of the image and number 2 is a list of some photo-filters! YES! You can….process/edit or how you want to call it, a picture when in Second Life! No photoshop needed, no saving to harddisk…just choose a nice filter and make your own art in the blink of an eye! Now, how cool is that? (Can you tell I am excited?).

In this example, you see I picked ‘Toy Camera’ as a filter and the menu gives a preview of the endresult, in a small window but it gives an idea. If you don’t like it, just open the filters again and browse.
You can then add a title and if you want a description and also: location with slurl is an option. By default it will show the location, so if you prefer not to publish that (because it is your home or some other place you do not need to advertise..), you need to untick it.
Tags and rating…all possible to edit and then it is a matter of : UPLOAD and within some seconds your image will be on your Flickr/Twitter/Facebook stream!

I have been playing around a bit with some filters and sizes, and they are on my Flickr, so here two examples of direct uploads, giving a new meaning to the term: ‘raw upload’…:).


Wine O'Clock! Cheers!

I say, happy sharing and have fun playing with this!

And now for something completely different…..a blogpost about Firestorm, Flickr and Dopiaza and how I combined all three to make publishing snapshots easy and organised in one  click. Well, once it is set up that is…but it is not that hard!

Since the latest release of Firestorm it is now possible to publish your snapshots directly to Flickr, just choose : FLICKR in the snapshot menu (when you do this for the first time you will be guided through a set up procedure, which is pretty straight forward) and voila: no more double uploading, you can skip the save to disk etc. OK, unless you wish to publish processed/photoshopped images, but this is about raw shots from SL!

Since I like to organise my pics in Flickr in sets, yup…that’s me, I finally took the time today to set up the setmanager by Dopiaza (with thanks to Torley who posted about this tool a while back!).
What Dopiaza does: it sorts your pics by tags you give them, automatically. Meaning, you do not have to add your pics to sets manually while uploading or when you use Firestorm’s direct upload afterwards. Simply create a textfilter in Dopiaza and use the tags in your snapshots inworld. Not only will the images appear in Flickr, but also: directly in the set you wish! Tataaaa! Now how cool is that?
I did some test shots this morning, using a special ‘tag’ called : slrawshot (yeah, not very creative, but it had to be a new tag for the set I created for my ‘raw shots: Caitlin’s Travels ) went to Hackberry Hall to shoot some pics, using Firestorm and everything. It works like a charm!

You can see the results on my Flickr (links provided above) but to give a bit more, here’s a screenshot on how the snapshotmenu in Firestorm looks like, when posting to Flickr. In ‘metadata’ you fill in the tags you wish to use, in ‘settings’ you can crop the image, set the rating and as you see you can even include the location – so a SLURL will appear in Flickr in the description of your image.

snapshot menu in Firestorm


Since mesh got implemented this week, I am all excited and have tried on as much as I could afford. Oh yes, it is sure another excuse for some shopping trips!

Anyway, what is good to know: mesh cannot be edited/modified. Basically you wear a mesh-prim, which has to come with an alphalayer to make the parts of your avatar invisible on which you wear the mesh-clothing. The piece of clothing has the shape of your avatar already in it, therefore giving it the impression a skirt moves along with your legs.
The shocking truth is: I have no legs underneath my mesh-skirt. Argh! It’s all …gone ‘there’….Oh well, a small sacrifice to look good eh?

To illustrate it, see pic:

The skirt is from Jane and comes in 4 shapes – so you need to find out which of the 4 suits your original shape best. In my case, the ‘fair’ shape looks most like my own pixelbutt.
I strongly recommend you to, if you want to buy a mesh-outfit, try on the demo first to see if you are happy  with the shapes provided. I was lucky enough, I did not need to change my shape to fit this skirt, but in some cases one may need to – as you cannot modify the clothing.

Jane has a very nice collection of mesh clothing, all with demo’s, and if you are not already switched over to Viewer 3.0, or any other mesh-compatible viewer, I would say: do it…try it… I love it!
Yay to: no more butts and knees sticking out of your skirts, no more glitch pants!

Sitting without skirt sticking up in the air!

It’s no secret I enjoy Second Life, using Kirstens S20 viewer. A nice TPV with all the features of LL’s Viewer 2, but with some extra’s (great skies for photography, radar up to 512 nearby, more options for buttons in bars, double-click to teleport etc).

Last night I installed a brand new one, a release candidate: The Kirstens S21. Oh my.. I love it already! It has everything the S20 had but also: the new, web-based profiles that are completely made ready for Online Social Media.

Another non-secret: I like online social media..not only for SL but it’s a professional love as well :). The new profile has buttons to interact with Facebook and Twitter and ‘like-button/share this-button’ on every page. The new profile is basically a microsite on which you can browse, and the pics can be zoomed in, so you can see them  better!

Yay, I am excited…and for those who are curious, here some screenshots of my profile ‘new style’ (or click here to go directly to my SL Online Profile):

My profile (inworld)

My profile (inworld), with enlarged pic

Pick from my profile, with 'like-buttons'!

This morning I tp’d to H to say hi & good morning, only to find him half present. As in…his hair was there, and his clothes and teeth..but his skin was gone!
H himself had no clue, he saw his normal avatar, so we thought it was only me. However after the famous edit appearance, things got worse! At this point he saw too what happened to him.

H's new look (lol!)

No panic…I advised a ‘clear cache’ and a relog and thought all would be okay. That did not work!
Next attempt to get the normal H back was to go to the male-test avatar and see if things would repair itself. Ahem. Nope, the test-male did not work at all and now H was completely black.


Needless to say, H got a bit nervous and me…I was laughing so hard here, I sprayed coffee through my nose on the monitor….aww, how mean!

So. Help! H changed to several viewers, tried all skins he had and at some point his skin was back but his shape was still wrong. After some relogs and editing apppearance…all was fixed and stayed normal!

Hello there!!

I had lots of fun, really! Poor H….I think he will get over it, some day…and we always have the pictures!

although I know some people can be in world and feel bored..I rarely experience that! There is always something to play with or to (re) discover.

This morning I was sitting at the seaside in Penghu, and amused myself with taking pictures of Fat and H, who were talking and sitting all sweet on a bench in front of  H’s  Piao Dao Teahouse.
Having tried all available sky-settings in my viewer, I ended up taking about 25 snapshots and found these two not bad at all!

I really like the ‘shadows’ option, although it slows my machine down and fps drops to a minimum. But face it, when just using it for pictures, when sitting still and not chatting…its good enough!