Never a bad hairday

One of the silly things that can keep me entertained for a couple of hours, is going to hair-shops and try out demo’s of all kinds of hair! Yah, I am easily amused…
This morning I went to W&Y Hair, my first visit to this huge store and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety in styles and the quality! And also, the store is nicely set up and easy to walk through.

What really made my day all their (free!!) demo’s have a script so you can wear one, then click the (subtle) demo-sign above your head and change the color of the hair and accessories and the size ! Brilliant!
After fooling around with several hairstyles, I did end up buying some, as the prices are fair as well!

W & Y Hair

There is a men’s section as well, I took a quick peek in there and as far as I saw that did not look bad.

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