“I don’t know who you are, but I want to let you know that I really care.”
― Debasish Mridha
The other day I saw a heartwarming Plurk from Casja Lillihook, telling about the real life struggles of SL hair creator Bubbles Clawtooth.
In short, Bubbles is taking care of his mother who suffers ALS and as such he has not much time in Second Life, let alone creating hair.
Please go to Casja’s blog to read more about Bubbles’ situation and why she is doing this blogpost as she does.

'I don't know who you are..' a blogpost - I

Clawtooth – Female Trouble in Delicious Wine

Casja suggested a blogger challenge, not so much a big deal fundraiser in support of Bubbles, but more a request to all bloggers, fashionistas and photographers to feature some of Clawtooth’s (awesome!) hair and so make people go to the shop and buy some. Or at least, it would be a sign of showing you care and appreciate him.

I happen to have lots of Clawtooths wonderful hairdo’s and when Strawberry Singh followed the hearfelt post of Casja and turned it into one of her popular blogger challenges/memes, I thought…oh why not!?


'I don't know who you are..' a blogpost - III

Clawtooth – Lady Stardust in Candy Girl

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By accident, while browsing the Marketplace for a necklace, I hit a ‘visit this item inworld’ button and since the viewer popped up the landmark I thought I might as well go see the item inworld!

The store I was browsing on MP was Imeka and once I teleported over inworld, I ended up in their mainstore on Apple Island. What a lovely surprise! A magical forest with lingering paths to a small, cute beach. Moonbeams and glittering trees allover and some sweet details here and there.

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…and the bats have been released.

So one can read on the official World Goth Fair 2015 website, on which you will also find a map and vendor-list for the shoppers.
Yes, I like to shop too, but the main reason I always love to go to the World Goth Fair is the build and the atmosphere. This year as amazing as ever. Openened today is a dark, spooky landscape, but with gorgeous and colourful Northern Light and trees with lights in them  to help you move around without needing night vision.

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First of all: yes…I have changed the theme (look and feel) of my site completely! I had been thinking about it for a while, I usually change the theme every 2-3 years, but I found it hard to decide what I wanted.

Then Becky’s latest article on Blogger Support, about what search engines do (or don’t) for your site, triggered me to speed things up and go shop for a new look – keeping in mind her advice. My previous theme I chose purely on the look, although I always knew it would not do much for search, I didn’t really cared about that. But since I was going to change anyway, why not keep  search engines and all that in mind. To be sure I would purchase a theme that would make sense, I wanted a second opinion and asked Becky to check this one out first, thank you so much Becky!

So, this is what my blog will look for the coming time, probably some years again.  I am still tweaking and rearranging some things, but nothing really drastic. The old posts are all intact, including the images (that was my biggest concern) and in future posts will be with an excerpt and a ‘ read full article’ link, something I cannot do – technically – with all the re-posted articles from last weeks Fantasy Faire.

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Finally I made some time today to go explore Futurewave, one of my favourite events from Cursed Events, if not for the shopping than certainly for the amazing builds they always create!
Futurewave  - II

Futurewave  - I

This year is no exception, it is awesome! Yes, The Digital Revolution is now!
Of course I shopped, I got myself a suit and mask by Chariot (Sian Pearl), and took pictures of the futuristic environment and then asked my good friend Coober to pose with me to show off the new outfit, which we made in the space-corridor at MOSP – because I can rezz there and the corridor suits the theme :).
Futurewave  - III

Futurewave runs till midnight 1 March, so you still have plenty of time to go have a look (and shop hehe). For more information about the creators, shops and the events that happen (parties!) you can check out their official website here!


Futurewave  - IV

First Contact

‘First Contact’ by Coober Calicia


‘Till the fearless come and the act is done
A love like blood, a love like blood
Till the fearless come and the act is done
A love like blood, a love like blood..’

The comfort of Humble

Pose by {Nantra}

In case you didn’t know….MadPea’s new hunt ‘Blood Letters’ has started and sofar it is pretty awesome. Yes, I am a fan of the MadPea hunts, I have blogged about them before, and this one is no exception – be it that this one is very Adult, so not for the faint of heart…
The rewards, every day a new prize is released (but you can go back for the previous days if you missed it), and I can only say that the investment of the HUD you need to buy (400 LS) is very much worth for what you get. Besides a great storyline to play!

I am as lucky as to get some previews to play with, and oh my…do I have fun! I spent all Sunday evening with poses from {NanTra} and a mask from Laudanum Lollipops!

A Love Like Blood - Blogpost!

When working on the pictures (the ones in this blogpost are both post processed in photoshop for effects and because I liked it!) I was playing some 80’s playlist and ooohh….yessss Killing Joke’s A Love Like Blood seemed the perfect song for this post!

(more information and links in my previous blogpost on Blood Letters)


Juno Mantel, the talented creator/designer of Junbug, has started her own campaign – as part of a larger one – in order to raise fund for the education of girls in Sierra Leone.
There are many people around the world participating, you can see all kind of initiatives on the official website of the charity: Do It In A Dress, which is part of the One Girl Organisation in Australia. All focussed on raising funds to be able to send girls to school.
The fun idea with this fundraising is that is all about people (men, women, kids) wearing a schooldress and get paid for that in some way or another. Junbug has brought her campaign to SL, as she states in her notecard that thanks to proper education she is able to create and be in SL and so she wants to help other girls.

Coming soon!

For her campaign she designed a vintage schooldress, which is available in her mainstore and it costs 250 LS (but you can pay more if you wish!) and all proceeds will go to her campaign, of which she hopes to have raised enough money by 7 december (end of Junbug’s campaign) to send one girl to school!

I think this is a wonderful initiative and also..the dress (there are four colours)  is super cute!
Do It In A Dress with Junbug - Blogpost!

If you purchase the dress at Junbug Mainstore, and so sponsor Do It In A Dress, you are also encouraged to post a picture of yourself in the decidated Flickr Group.