Usually I speak about Cait’s Operator in third person, my way of keeping SL and RL separate. But at the moment, I feel too sick to keep this up.
Having a fever and feeling lousy brings me in a really bad mood. Really bad! Last night was horrible, I wanted to go online, as I was bored to death, but once I logged in the first IM that hit me pissed me off big time:

[2010/10/26 16:40]  Dr Hema: hello
[2010/10/26 16:40]  Caitlin Tobias: hi
[2010/10/26 16:41]  Dr Hema: how r u
[2010/10/26 16:42]  Dr Hema: webcam show :P
[2010/10/26 16:42]  Dr Hema: ı show u big cock
[2010/10/26 16:45]  Caitlin Tobias: LMAO
[2010/10/26 16:45]  Caitlin Tobias: no, and now fuck off!

So I logged off and went reading the GD forum for some distraction and entertainment. Well, entertainment is hard to find there these days. Necro-posting and whining about pulled threads, bad or complete lack of moderation seems to be all there is.  Sad, because I used to enjoy the forum a lot.

It can be my general bad mood, but I cannot even find the post of the village-idiot Wasted funny anymore, so I skip those threads as soon as I see his name. Actually, coming to think of that, lately I tend to skip a lot of threads when I see certain names…brrr..!

Hopefully things will turn out for the better, as Torley has responded to a cry for help!

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  1. Seicher Rae says:

    Awwww. (Puts on rubber gloves)and pats you on your head. Being sick sucks. The posts on the Forum suck. So I’ve heard although I am not there, so the appropriate sentence should have been “The posts on the Forum sucked a while back and I assume they still do.” Chicken soup does seem to help. If not that then enough lemon and whiskey and honey so as to make you not care anymore. Get better soon.

  2. Aw thanks for the pats on head. I think. Not sure about the chicken soup though, that’s more when you have flu or have a cold? I am different sick, I blame my travel to UK last week, it was cold there…my dress was too short, my summercoat not warm enough, sat in a drafty office and um..now I have this typical little lady-thingy-infection, which gives me fever and makes me pee more than 100 times a day…argh!

    1. Seicher Rae says:

      Ahhhh. That IS a different sort of sick. Although if you have a fever from this you really should get some medical attention (if you haven’t) as it sounds like an infection, which can spread and that’s even less fun. Anyway, chicken soup is great for everything! Instead of drinking it, in this case it could be taken as a douche?

      1. I am getting better already, took the doctor’s advice: lots of cranberry juice, rest and got some pills ;) Fever is gone, so I suppose a douche with chickensoup is not needed! (ew! omg!).
        (oh and yes: remember girls, always dress warm when going out in the cold..sigh)

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