Friends. Am I doing it wrong?

'The Helpdesk Representative'

After more than 3 years in Second Life, it is not surprising I have quite a long  ‘friends list’. Even though I clean it up every now and then, to delete people I really can’t remember, it is still a long list.

Evaluating this list last night, and the (sad?) conclusion is that I have 4 real, close and lovely friends.
The other people on my list are not friends. They are (overall nice) people I met somewhere and chatted with, (potential) members of our group, people I have helped when they were new and lots of fighters and colleague clanleaders.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the option to divide the ‘friends list’? Into : ‘friends’ and ‘contacts ?’ Or create your own groups in that list?

It is no secret that I would love to have more, real, friends. Maybe I try to hard and that’s why I still end up alone most evenings online. I don’t know.
I cannot expect from my real friends that they hangout with me when I am online all the time, or chat in IM when I login. I always say hello to a very few when I login though. Just because I am polite.
I don’t expect them to immediately TP to me or make me TP to them! Just a ‘hello, how are you ..’.

Anyway. There are also others. People that IM me immediately when I login. Most of them do bother to say ‘Hi and how are you today?‘  then followed by a request for help. (help with textures, help with viewer, help with clothing, help with modifying hair, asking for a LM, questions about buying land, questions for somebody else…etcetera).

Yeah, Cait helps and answers and does research if she does not know the answer right away. I guess they know. Or expect.
And lately it got worse, I never realised until I was browsing through my list. Some of them do not even say ‘hi’ but just throw their help-request in my IM.  And what does Cait do? She helps and she answers.
To be honest, it’s not funny anymore. I am apparently only good as a helpdesk but not for the fun stuff ? After the problem is solved, the chat is closed. With or without a ‘thanks’.

Knowing myself, I find it impossible to ignore questions….so maybe untick them, so they don’t see me come online? Mute? Delete from list? I dunno…really.
It’s a stupid dilemma, I know. Why should I bother? They probably do not even like me!

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  1. I would untick them, Caitlin. Once upon a time I was making lots of in-world books that needed to have a “clean” general chat code [that means nothing could appear in the chat text while the book was being created] so, I unticked everyone, took off my Mysti-tool and radar and shutoff the notify status and then hid in an underground location while making these books. [so local chat would remain clean too] It was glorious and peaceful.. lol So, upon completion of these books, I never turned on notify again. I did retick all the folks who I knew and spoke with frequently but the vast majority of my contacts since 2005 never said a thing about not being notified I was online;-)

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