Total War

Today I installed a so-called ‘Undead War Camp’ on ImperiuM Island! It is part of a brand-new big game in Second Life: Total War.
In a nutshell: it’s a grid-wide war, with players from all kind of clans and with all kinds of weapons and combat systems. Via a special HUD the weapons are compatible to fight against each other, what in the usual spars not works.
What makes Total War unique is the fact you can also play in PvE-mode (Player versus Environment), something completely different from we do now, in PvP (Player versus Player).

So, I got this Undead War Camp, which is a PvE installation, consisting of a flag on a pole and once an avatar approaches within 15 meters, it spawns Undeads. Those Undead will attack you when you wear the Total War HUD, otherwise they are completely harmless.
Well, they hump you. Actually they started humping me when I was still  installing the camp! Kind of pushy guys….

I see dead people...


Total War players will have to kill them to get points or money and so rank themselves up. Also on our sim, only visible for the TW players are 10 Quest-points, something with gathering cards and Quests and points…will have to take a deeper look into this myself! There is a website filled with information: Total War!


Hello pretty boy...


I hope this will attract some nice people to ImperiuM, as most of them will be fighters anyway, although we do not take part in the PvP yet…maybe in a later stage!

So. After that, Pip, Cuffy and Matt arrived for some practicing…I managed to warm up a pizza in between a dozen IM’s  and while eating it I watched them spar :).
After my coffee…I joined Reizu, Pip and Matt in some crazy groupfights, great fun for 2 hours, but then I was really knackered!


Pip and Matt


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