Mysterious Pteron


On one of my travels, I discovered a mysterious place called Pteron. A blue/green city with many chambers and plateaus. I enjoyed exploring this mystic build, while listening to their stream playing relaxing (almost out of this world) music…I had my settings on midnight and was amazed..
There are some danceballs for couples and some sofa’s to sit and just look around. A perfect place to go and either just watch and discover the stars and planets or sorting your inventory (as I did) in a serene moment of silence….Wonderful!

The lights and colors are great for taking some pictures that are out of the ordinary, the pics in this blog are not photoshopped (only added my CaTo tag), so this is how it looked for me!


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  1. Seicher Rae says:

    Yes! Pteron is great! I haven’t quite figured it out. Is it for RP? Does it follow a story? Why is it designed the way it is??? Very relaxing, sci-fi, almost spooky but it isn’t. Atmospheric. What did you set your light setting on for your picture? Mine always come out dark there.

    1. To be honest, I have no idea what this place is for..I just enjoyed its ambiance.
      The picture: I use Kirstens S20 Viewer, which is by default amazing for taking photo’s. In this case nothing special: graphics on Ultra/High (distance to 400meters) and set world to midnight. No special skies or shadows this time..I let the lighting of the buildings do it for me, for the close up of my avatar I stood next to a glowing object you do not see on the picture.

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