Crazy times!

What a week! Crazy times is the right term, in ImperiuM! We welcome new members almost on a daily basis and trying hard to keep up with them, getting the basics in…seeing some grow to advanced rapidly, great!

Next week we will have a Capture the Flag fight, I invited Sessou Samurai for a friendly game. It is for our members/students so the trainers will not join in, but have a good time watching :)
Means we have less than a week to get our group ready….a challenge, but a nice one.

More reason to be extra happy is that H decided to join us, as Legatus/Trainer! It’s so cool to have an experienced fighter, a great trainer and very important: good friend with us! I look forward to lots of nice spars and intensive training sessions and am sure he is a great asset to our clan!

Great news to end this week and start the weekend…..cheers!


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  1. Karelia says:

    ahhh .. now.. didn’t realise we’d be on our own …!!!! Hope I manage to survive more than 5 seconds ..!

  2. Karelia says:

    PS and this shoudl nto be a PS but should be at the top.. wonderful to have H with us .. I so appreciated his patient, gentle training, though I realise he can also be fearsome!

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