Wasabi Pills – Fantasy hair

After some spars with Ratt, followed by a nice training session with Dreadfal (yay, he is on his way to the jumpslash!),  I made myself another coffee and went to Wasabi Pills. This is a hairshop, what else is new on my Saturday mornings, where you can try out demo-hair for free. Now, this is not an average hair-shop!
They sell Fantasy Hair, extravaganza all over, lovely!

Demo-hair at Wasabi

Also, the building is impressive..from the landing point a huge building rises up, with amazing statues! If not for the hair, then the building and statues around and in the shop are worth a visit!

Wasabi Pills

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  1. Hi there.. If you really want some fantasy hair you should visit the Exxess http://slurl.com/secondlife/EXXESS/128/185/26

    I bet you wont regret ^^

    1. oh Thanks Isabelli! I will certainly go take a look there!!

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