Online Social Media – how scary!

Since the introduction, or even before, of the web-based profiles in Second Life which include buttons to connect your Second Life to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account, lots of discussions are going on on the many SL fora I read.

Although I can be considered a ‘heavy user’ of all those online social media platforms, I am aware of the ‘dangers’. I am often amazed how  easily people share their personal (real life) Facebook including pictures, family names, addresses and all to total strangers.
I have had it happening to me, a nice young couple I met in Second Life friended me on Facebook within one hour of meeting and chatting. To be clear: I have a Facebook account for Caitlin, and they added her on their real-life accounts.
(Note: my personal, real-life, Facebook-account is in no way connected to Caitlin).

Yeah, I have it all double: Two Facebook’s, two weblogs, two Twitters and two Flickr’s, and even one Alt account in SL which I use for RL-professional purposes….I manage very well to keep them all separated and enjoy keeping them up to date.

The integration of the SL profiles with the online social media platforms is something I love, for Caitlin.
It enhances my SL experience and allows me to stay in contact with my online friends and Second Life community , for instance when I am  travelling for work and not able to login Second Life for some days. One may call it being addicted to Second Life, and maybe that is a bit true, on the other hand I consider my online friendships very real and I like stay connected to them even when not really around.
Online friendships to me feel real and sincere, and since I am away a lot and do not have much of a real-life-social-life, this keeps me in touch with my friends. And I am sure I am not the only one feeling like this.

Online Social Media is not going away. One can choose to ignore it, be afraid of it, spit on it and it’s users..but it is here and it is going to stay :).Well, I would like to think so anyway, otherwise I would be out of RL-work!

It is just a matter of common sense and be careful what you share and with who. Did I ever made mistakes? Hell yes!! But I learned from it, and it did not stop me exploring and using it all. But doubled and not mixed…An online life can be so much fun :P.

(in ‘About Caitlin’ you can find the link to my Facebook, my Twitter is in the top right sidebar)

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