Ultra Violence

Ultra Violence, that is what Ratt calls an evening of total mayhem: fighting with a couple of people for hours and hours and not stopping…when you die, you simply get up and start again..and again.

Well that is basically what we (Ratt, George, Karelia and I) did all evening! And it felt good ! W0000t!

Ratt and Cait

During the day I was rl-working and Cait was parked on the roof of the main hall, a perfect spot to sit and watch people come in and not getting too bothered or distracted. I did find a minute to take some photo’s of the fighting visitors!

MadGeorge, who later in the day joined ImperiuM!
Eve and Mellow

Note: for these photo’s I took inViewer 2.5 Beta:  graphics to highest, view distance 500 meters and sky on ‘Incongruent Truth’.

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