Twitter Cnuts

There is Twitter, there are nuts…:p…and now there is this website called: Twitter Cnuts!

What does it do?

Although the site itself says you can use it to ‘stalk‘  tweeps (people who twitter) I found it a nice tool to follow some conversations. Specially when you are not a follower of all participants in a certain ‘convo’,  it can be handy to have the tweets on one screen, instead of going back and forth, as I do when I have not been online for some days and want to catch up!

I do not find this a form of stalking, as long as ones tweets are open to all (you cannot read ‘locked’ tweets), there is nothing to stalk?
Besides, why does one tweet? You tweet to be read I assume? Well I do!

Wanna see? Just go to Twitter Cnuts and type in the name of the person whose tweets you want to read. Or a topic/subject. It’s pretty straight forward, see image…I have ‘stalked’ myself!

(note: thanks to Griffin, I saw it on his blog first. Also, the screenshot does not show the full length of the page, on site there is a lot more!)

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  1. Seicher Rae says:

    Nice link. Useful, I guess. But after reading the “me too!” toots and “lol” and other witty remarks, plus wandering into the gossip blogs, I’m left with feeling the need to shower it all off! I can’t believe ANY of this ever mattered to me. Such is the power of stress on one’s ability to think and react. A handful of anonymous people behind avatar names out of how many thousands of inworld residents? All vying for the attention of being the big fish in a tiny pond? Oy. No thanks. My senses have been come to! I prefer your blog when it is exploring, shopping, sword play and under wear! More please! I do think you provided a service to those who do want to follow the twaddle feeds. Sorry, I know you tweet too, I just don’t get it!

  2. I hear ya :).
    I use this site every now and again to catch up tweets from friends, not to dig up the shit that is going on! Of course you don’t have to twitter, hehe, I don’t blame you!!

    And yeah, I have prepared some new posts with fluffy, happy topics, have been exploring this morning: it was goooood!

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