Lovely – an extended Easter break!

I hope everybody has had a lovely, relaxing Easter weekend!

After crazy times at work, travel and other ‘events’ I really needed a long weekend off, with nothing to do; no obligations…just nothing. Being too tired to even log in to SL, I decided to take a break offline and I spent most of the last days outside sitting in the sun, enjoying the wonderful summer days we had over here!

Of course, duh…, I had my laptop and some mobile devices with me, to keep connected to the interwebz, but no SL for me for a couple of days.

While the sun did her job (giving me a tan, lots of freckles and some renewed energy!) I browsed through silly sites, played some wonderful no-brain-games (tetris, blocks, bejewelled…) and hang out in gV forum.

In between some cold rosé wines, crisps, short naps,  easter-eggs and lots of suntan lotion, I entertained myself with some discussions on gV (and a lot of silly posts as well). Sadly, on friday Pep got banned from the forum for some unclear reasons and this caused quite some noise! (this is not over yet!)

It’s too much to tell in here, if you are interested….by all means take a look in gotVirtual, and if you want to  read Pep’s (Lecter) side of the ban,  update yourself on his blog.

For a more sensational and quick update, I recommend the Forum Confidential! They also cover some other true stories and give good insight in what is going on in and around the various fora and in twitterworld.

Today it’s business as usual and I think I will be back in SL shortly, maybe even tonight!

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