I think it’s because I deal with hitcounterstatistics in my rl-work daily and have seen lots of those reports and analysed them over and over again, that I am not particularly interested in the site stats of Cait’s World. This blog is for leisure and I enjoy posting and making pics for it and I guess it is also a kind of ‘diary’ for myself. It is of course nice to know people actually read my stuff and even comment on it, and so I have looked into the stats a bit today. Not too serious though, but ….I was pleasantly surprised to learn that today (almost a year after starting this – 13 august 2010!) this blog has had over 10K hits. Yay! Not bad at all, as I do not try to compare it with my professional sites that have these number per day easily….LOL!

Also cool to see that my dear readers are from all over the globe! I say: thanks for tuning in, reading and commenting and I really hope you enjoy the posts and my ‘adventures’ as much as I do! Mwah to you all!

Country share, where are you guys from?

(I promise I won’t bore you with more posts like this, Second Life and its sims are waiting to be discovered!)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. SF Bay Area here= USA CA;-)

  2. Tem Haalan says:

    Keep up the good work Cait. I love this blog and I’ve visited so many great places in SL thanks to it.

  3. heh, thanks guys :) It’s nice to know ppl actually read AND like my writings!
    Fashion eh? I do my best!

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