Heavy Heart

The last days of the year were…odd. We, ImperiuM, had to make a very tough decision, one that left me with a heavy heart for some days. And still.

After having ‘lived’ on our own sim since November 2009, we had to decide to let it go. The monthly costs of tier, the decrease in members and our own reduced time to spend on it forced us to re-think and re-group. So on the last day of 2011 it was clear. In order to maintain our beloved ImperiuM healthy and to attract more members and fights, the inevitable had to happen: leave ImperiuM Island – our beautiful home – and move to a smaller parcel on one of the Samurai Island sims.
Next to the other clans that made that nasty decision earlier and next to the C:si Headquarters, so in the centre of katana fighting.


Yes, personally…I will miss our ImperiuM Island so much. Two years of joy, fights, talks, parties and other stuff. Landscaping, having fun and non-fun…it really feels like leaving home.

But! Onward and For The ImperiuM!  And as Ratt always says: ‘Nobody Quits, Everybody Fights!’ And he is right!

Our new home will be for the best of the Clan (well, and our bank-accounts) and yes it is smaller and we do not have the privileges as we had, but hey…..we can still be us and we can still fight and we still have a clan-home!

Our new home

The last day of ImperiuM Island will be in less than a week. I know I will find it tough and will have a heavy heart, shed another tear…But oh well, maybe in future we will be able to move on again…….:)

Click here for the LM to our new home, all are welcome!


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  1. Venus says:

    Caity, leaving a place you have grown to love and that has become a part of you (and you a part of it) is so very difficult. I understand your pain. I do believe that you will find other benefits to the new location. You will be surrounded by others who share your joy in your craft.
    I wish you and the ImperiuM the very best luck in your new home! xo

  2. We stopped by today and saw the video from previous build. NIce!

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