An Uncertain Destiny is the somewhat cryptic name of a lovely place. A garden with a beach and many great spots to sit and relax while you take the environment in. Owned and created by Boudicca Amat and she welcomes you to visit and be amazed.

An Uncertain Destiny - I - A Blogpost

Though the sim is Adult rated, visitors are requested to behave according to PG standards. Besides the small, intimate beach, there is a lot to explore. Beautiful, lush gardens and surprising statues.

An Uncertain Destiny - II - A Blogpost

According to the information in Boudicca’s profile there will be an art project some time this year, a reason to keep this landmark and visit it more often!

Enjoy and do not forget to bring your umbrella, as it is raining….and raining!

An Uncertain Destiny - III - A Blogpost

An Uncertain Destiny has its own Flickr Group, to join click here.

Hills Gallery currently has two exhibitions on display by hill.s (hillany.scofield) : You shine through and The Recreation.
The first one is a collection of SL Photographs in black and white, erotica, and the second one is the installation I visited tonight.

Recreation - hill.s - IV - A blogpost

The Recreation is a 3D installation and a combination of photography, projection, mannequins and poetry. And, which I always enjoy, it is interactive; you are invited to use the poses you will find  and become part of the work!

“Recreate. Either find your place or lose yourself in the grid of impressions and projection. Second life is about you and the ability to find your own fascination. Find yourself. Position yourself. Be a part of the world which your imagination can create. Take a picture ! – the lights are on you. “- Hillany Scofield

Recreation - hill.s - III - A blogpost

Hills Gallery is a wonderful building, combined with the regions windlight setting is has a great ambiance and feel, it absolutely adds to the art works on display.

SLurl to Hills Gallery
Hill.s on Flickr
Hills Gallery Flickr group

Recreation - hill.s - II - A blogpost

I’ve spent most of this evening on Devin. Not one, but two amazing sims with nature, wildlife, deserts, sandstorms and probably a lot more! A place to return to and enjoy, alone or with friends. Or even a date, as there are some really lovely spots with couple dances. The music stream is Slow Radio, which is great for exploring, chilling or dancing.

Devin - I - A blogpost

Devin I and II are owned by Roy Mildor, Ally Daysleeper and Alienmaus Allen and the rating is M.

Devin - III - A blogpost

You really want to go there, again…and again. I know I do!

Devin - IV - A blogpost

The, impressive, DiXmiX Gallery currently has two new exbihitions on display: a 3D and 2D display of works by Mistero Hifeng and a collection of photographs “The Paperworks”  by William Weaver. DiXmiX is built by Megan Prumier and curated by DiXmiX Source, the building alone is great to wander around!

In this blogpost I will only show The Paperworks in this blogpost and will go back to the Gallery soon to have a better look at Mistero’s works. Both exhibitions deserve their time and attention!

The Paperworks by William Weaver - I - A Blogpost

William Weaver, a well known SL (and RL) photographer (and the creator of Firestorms popular Phototools), his works often of a somewhat adult/erotic nature. I am an admirer of his photography since years and was happy to see his work in a gallery – I only know them from Flickr.

The Paperworks by William Weaver - III - A Blogpost

Most of the works are displayed in slideshows, so you really should find a nice spot in the Gallery and take the time to let all the pictures pass through! Perfect on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

SLurl to DiXmiX Gallery
Website DiXmiX
DixMix Gallery Flickr group

To my surprise and delight, one of my photos is in Huckleberry Hax’ list of his 10 favourites! I am particularly happy he has chosen one of my real, raw and not processed snapshots – a photo of the guests waiting for the bride and groom to arrive, the wedding of Delinda and Skip Staheli this summer. I actually had to download it from my own Flickr as it was a direct upload via the LL Viewer, so I didn’t even had it on my hard-disk to make it a banner image for this blog-post!

While I do not like to make lists – and am even hesitant to look at other peoples lists – I am of course honoured and feel proud. From what I get from Huck’s article, he exactly knows what lists can do, hence his extensive disclaimer. I understand that all too well.

Anyway, enjoy his favourite Second Life Photos by others, and if you do not follow them already on Flickr, you may want to do that from now on!

What the Huck?

Following on from my post on Tuesday, where I shamelessly self-promoted my ten most favourited own pictures at Flickr this year, I thought I’d look today at some of my favourite pictures of the year by other photographers.

Disclaimer: I lay no claim to this being any sort of definitive list whatsoever. It is simply ten of my personal favourite SL images. Yes, it is undoubtedly influenced by me being friends with some of the photographers. Yes, there are probably amazing photos out there by other photographers not included on this list (most likely because I haven’t encountered them, but also because I only have ten spots). Please don’t get offended if one of your photos or one of your friend’s or friends’ photos isn’t or aren’t included here – but by all means feel free to link to any of these works in the comments section below (I…

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Terminus‘ is the current them of the amazing photography-sim of Hell’s Crossing. I had to google it’; and Terminus is referring to the popular series The Walking Dead, which I have never seen!

Terminus - I

A sim with a zombie-infested forest, great for photoshoots (you can rezz your props!) or killing zombies if that is your thing. Or should I say, killing Walking Dead? Anyway, you do not need to kill the zombies, it is optional and since I left them alone and I was unarmed, they did not really bother me. OK, some of them bumped into me, but that was all. (For some light roleplay is can be fun to find them, they are by the way not hard to spot).

Terminus - II

On the landing point you will find a sign which gives you a notecard with some background information and the sim-rules.

Terminus - III

Terminus is lovely detailed and really cool to experiment with several windlights and settings, recommended if you are a bit tired of the ho-ho-ho happy snowmen and merry holiday themes :).

Terminus - IV

In 1978, when I was a young, innocent,  Caity, I had my first crush. The object of my affection was Han Solo – later I learned this was Harrison Ford, but for me in those days he was Han Solo – and I was deeply in love with him. My grandfather bought me a pop-up book from Star Wars, after my Dad had sneaked me into the cinema to watch Star Wars together (I was officially just a few months too young) and with the pop-up book I relived and replayed the movie many, many times. And me kissing Han Solo of course.

Star Wars Untold Stories - I

@ Star Wars: Untold Stories

Why these memories? Well, currently there are two locations in Second Life completely dedicated to Star Wars! I’ve visited both and though they are completely different, they are both awesome and a must visit for all Han Solo lovers…errr…I mean: Star Wars fans!

Star Wars Untold Stories - II

@ Star wars: Untold Stories

The first set I visited was Star Wars: The Untold Stories. An epic set for a performance (which I sadly missed) on LEA. Colourful and filled with action!
The other one is Furillen, also amazing and very immersive. Furillen made me dig up my Padmé (Queen Amidala) avatar for some pics, though she may seem a bit out of place, but hey hooo…this is SL and I liked it!

Not as good as my pop-up book - A blogpost

@ Furillen

It wasn’t as good as my hours playing with the pop-up book, but it came close. Now I want a date with Han Solo. Or Indiana Jones, but that is for another blogpost!

Star Wars: The Untold Stories

And for some more randomness in sequence, here my all time favourite Star Wars soundtrack