Vlinder (Butterfly)

He knows…

Open your eyes and..
see what I see..

I know how beautiful you are,
even if you don’t realise yourself

Everything is going to be allright,
just wait what time will do,
It is still early,
everything that’s is great, once started small
You don’t have to be a butterfly right now…

Know…. time will tell, just believe me
Even if your wings seem to be captured forever
One day, you will fly
high in the sky
You will see the world in a different way,
feel the peace,
enjoy the moment, even briefly,
Breathe in, breathe out.
and discover true love,
because it is there..

A note: the youtube may seem to give the impression I have lost someone forever due to death, this is not the case. I simply love this song and the lyrics, a love song for someone I so dearly miss, but he will return!


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