It takes all kinds to build a community in Second Life: Basilique hits 2000 member milestone

Well, this was a surprise blogpost by Becky!

Last night she announced proudly that Basilique was joined by its 2000th member and as a special welcome I offered this new member my poses, as I have in store. Just to make it a bit of a festive moment and a warm welcome.
Who knew…when I visited Basilique in 2013 for the first time, and blogged about it (on my rl- birthday I just noticed!), I would stick around and made my home away from home in this lovely Italian town!

Cheers to many more years of discussions, dancing, swimming, hanging out on the town square, getting drunk in Harveys bar and the Afterbaths!

Canary Beck

InnocentlyWicked Resident, a 4-week old avatar who describes herself as: “young and I just want to have fun’, surely didn’t imagine she’d be winning Caitlin Tobias’s inventory of poses from her store Pose O’Clock, when she accepted our invitation as Basilique’s 2000th member.

2000 members might not sound like much in comparison to some in world groups out there. Compared to groups solely based on regions however, 2000 is a respectable number and it’s taken years to get to this point. Basilique opened December 26th, 2012 (there’s even a street named after that date, leading up to the Basilique Playhouse – see image below). Back then we had about 30 charter members (friends, mainly) who we personally invited. At first, I experimented with charging a join fee (starting at L$1000). Lowering the join fee to L$350 made no difference to sign ups. Eliminating the join fee also made no difference. The join fee was never the problem.

Via XXVI di dicembre Via XXVI…

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