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SL Blogger Support

Every month, well quarter actually and sometimes weekly or bi-weekly…well anyway, regularly or when needed the SL Blogger Support Team has meetings. To catch up, talk about what we can do to enchance the group ánd this website for our members and we drink wine brainstorm a lot.

Last meeting we celebrated, modestly, that we are about to reach the 1300th member and we pondered on how to avoid getting the group killed by its own success.
We love all our members and even though at times things happen – like an overheated groupchat or a flood of applications because a big event is coming up, we still try to focus on being a group that offers SUPPORT for bloggers.

And this is an important topic. SL Blogger Support was founded, by Katya, with the intention to offer support. To bloggers. And build bridges between creators and bloggers. And we…

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