There is good in every year

It seems to be the trend to wish 2016 would just stop. The good news is, it will. Soon even! Just a few more days and then we collectively leave this year behind us and try to make the best of the new one.

Was 2016 bad? Hm. Maybe it was. But maybe 2015 was awful and 2014 horrible. But they had good things and wonderful experiences too. Even 2016.
Though I spent most of the Spring and Summer in hospital waiting rooms allover the country, tired and worrying, the good thing was: I got to catch up with old friends and relatives I had not seen in ages and also:  I finally had time to read a lot of books – what else can you when you just sit there with bad coffee and a sandwich made of plastic?

There is good in every year - II - a blogpost

Real life work was quite slow at times, which was worrisome and stressful but it gave me lots of time to go out with my dog – I took up running and cycling with him and this got me in a better physical (and mental) shape, making me stronger for new things to come. And I am sure they will, be it good or bad.

There is good in every year - III - a blogpost

And then there is this other thing that keeps lots of people busy, specially the past weeks. The number of celebrity deaths.While of course I am sad over the losses, even though I didn’t know them personally, it is good to realise that we have to get used to it. Why?

‘Because we’re now half a century on from the flourishing of both TV and pop culture in the 1960s, which massively expanded the overall pool of public figures’. – BBC’s Obituaries Editor Nick Serpell

Yes, I am sad to learn about the death of people whose movies I admired, music I enjoyed or books I loved. But the movies are still here, so is the music and so are the books. That is the good thing.

There is good in every year. Every. Year.

Cheers and a very happy 2017!

Link to article on Celebrity deaths in 2016
Photos taken on location Costa Blanco


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  1. Brunella Voelisa says:

    “But the movies are still here, so is the music and so are the books”…and so is your blog, Caitlin. That is a very good thing too!

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