“Sleep well and wake”

Tomorrow, 18 July, it is exactly two years since Don has passed away.
Two years. Time does fly eh? Or as it is said  ‘time flies when you are having fun’

Sleep well and wake -  Blogpost

Yup, life goes on and yes, I have had fun. I still do. But the missing stays. The pain and sharp feeling of loss, have by now made place for good, happy memories. And smiles.

Sleep well and wake - blogpost

And feeling grateful to have known him and to have had him in my life. It was good. He was good.

The best.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kerena says:

    What a truly lovely tribute, Cait. {{bigtighthugs}}

  2. Starr says:

    Wipes away the tears reading this ~ very emotional and thank you for sharing this tribute ~ hugzz

  3. Dita says:

    Thanks for posting that. I remember Don vividly and memories have a strange timeless quality – it’s almost like yesterday that he was sitting in the lounge at the Chamber, or dancing, or taking photographs ; or just a minute ago.
    But there is comfort in knowing that something he crafted of himself in the virtual world remains somewhat eternal. I treasure him also and it was nice to be reminded how much.

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