5 Flickr streams that deserve more followers in 2018

The last week of the year is always good for lists. Lists with best this, funniest that, coolest whatnot etc. Though I like reading those lists I am not a fan of creating them myself. My experience with ‘fav-lists’ is that mostly they consist of stuff I already know or follow and in worst case I get miffed for not being on them (well that is a bit strong, but I know listing of favourites is not always a joy for some).

So I made a list!

I am a huge fan of encouraging people in their endavours and believe a little encouragement never hurt anyone. Being lucky and humbled by a rather large following on my Flickr stream – I am still always happy to see new followers being brought to my attention by notifications. In the past this has made uploading to Flickr more fun for me and eventually also encouraged me to improve my photography.

Though I may not follow everyone back – there is only so much I can keep an eye on – I most certainly always check all new followers’ streams.
And while doing so this afternoon I noticed I have some followers who post lovely pictures of their Second Life adventures, but who have few followers to share it with.
Hence, my list: 5 Flickr streams that deserve more followers in 2018.

I hope you will take a look and press that ‘follow’ button and maybe even go through your own followers list and pick some others too!

In totally random order, here are my suggestions!

Snow Jayce, a collection of colourful as well as black and white landscapes and avatar images, some processed, others not. There are some real gems, like thise one which I particularly loved!

where you go ? #second_life

Link to Snow Jayce on Flickr

Starker Wolf (starkerwolf.resident), loves to dance, dress up and explore. Well, that’s what I see when looking at his pictures!

calm home in winter

Link to Starker Wolf on Flickr

Sônge, wonderful portraits and risquee pictures and some really awesome landscapes! Colour and Black and Whites, both lovely!

White rabbit

Linke to Sônge on Flickr

Legolas Baxton, another well dressed man with some amazing DoF images and details of portraits!

whos looking at who??

Link to Legolas Baxton on Flickr

Minverva Moon, I really like her soft pastel-like images, like the one I picked for this blog-post – great colours and composition!

snap smirk

Link to Minverva Moon on Flickr

Of course there are many more Second Life residents sharing their online (and sometimes offline) lives on Flickr, so I might do some more of these lists in future.

For now I want to thank all my followers – know that I do check you out and will continue to do so in 2018. Keep those pictures coming!

Happy New Year!


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