5 Second Life related Twitter accounts you want to follow in 2018

I know, I can’t believe it myself but I am really publishing another list I created!

In this post I am going to give you 5 twitter accounts you want to follow in 2018, simply because they tweet handy and useful stuff, and some fun too!

If you are not into Twitter you can of course stop reading and surf to the next blogger, or you could read and perhaps get inspired to join the world of tweets and find out you can actually benefit from it when it comes to Second Life!

Why Twitter? Twitter is one of the oldest social media platforms, well known for its limitation in characters per post and was in the beginning of social media referred to as ‘micro-blog’ for that reason.
Since a few weeks, months, they have raised the maximum of character to be used in a tweet from 140 to 280, which makes it a lot easier to say what you have to say. Because that is what twitter is mostly used for. Unlike on Facebook, it is not considered spamming if you tweet all day long. In fact, the lifespan of an average tweet is about 26 minutes, which means chances are that not everyone reads what you tweet anyway.

I have, for RL work, several twitter accounts (hey, it’s free!) and I have one for Caitlin as well (@CaitlinTobias).
For Caitlin I mainly use Twitter to be kept informed and updated about Second Life, so I follow mostly accounts that tweet information I want. It is my newsfeed. I tweet too, but have to confess I am not a prolific Second Life tweeter, though I catch up with my timeline regularly.

So, which 5 Second Life related Twitter accounts do you need to follow and WHY?!

To start, how can you not follow them: @SecondlifeOfficial, the official Second Life Twitter account. They do not post crucial or very hot and important news, but mainly pics of the day, their own new blogposts on the official LL website and upcoming LL coordinated SL events. Not much, but if you follow them, at least you know when there is something important posted!

sl official twitter

More important, and useful, than the SL Official twitter is probably the @SLGridStatus. A must to follow. This account automatically posts any updates from the SL Grid Status, so in case you suspect there is something wrong with your Second Life login or you have no idea why your friendslist isn’t showing anyone, where your home-sim went and why it’s offline…you don’t need to panic and frantically ask around in inworld groups, on Facebook or Plurk. Nope. Just check twitter and you will learn. Well, mostly. Sometimes it is a tad delayed, but eventually this account with tweet out the issue. And when it is solved.

SL Gridstatus twitter

The third account in my list is also an official SL account: @LindenLab . This account tweets and retweets all kinds of information about Linden Lab, which is not just Second Life but also news about Sansar. For the die-hard Linden Lab fans.

Lindenlab twitter

For SL shopaholics, and who isn’t!, it is a must to follow @MainstoreSL. The name may be a giveaway, this account tweets all, yes ALL, mainstore releases in Second Life. If you love shopping inworld, I know I do, this is a great way to make sure you do not miss any new release in mainstores, for both women and men. Skins, hair, decor, accesoires, homes, clothing…you name it.

MainstoreSL twitter

And last on my list: for SL Shoppers on a budget, or just because we all like free stuff, twitter account @FabFree is amazing. They tweet all the goodies that are offered for free (or under 75 LS), be it gifts for everyone or groupgifts. Go get them!

Fabfree twitter


Of course there are more Twitter accounts that could be of your interest, but I decided to keep it to 5 in this blogpost. Did I miss a good one? Let me know in the comments!
In one of my next blogposts, I will feature some more social media accounts – be it Twitter or Facebook.
For now, happy Tweeting and feel free to follow me on @CaitlinTobias!



8 Comments Add yours

  1. isfullofcrap says:

    @secondlie of course.

    1. Of course! I am already following them, love those one-liners!

    1. Thank you for reblogging, John!

  2. owldragonash says:

    This is Great I had No idea about MainstoreSl … Iam blaming you for my new shopping !

    1. Haha, yeah..blame the messenger :P. Happy shopping Owl!

  3. Love Trill says:

    Thank you so much for including FabFree in your list Caitlin!

  4. Love Trill says:

    Reblogged this on FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL and commented:
    I just wanted to write up a quick thank you to Caitlin Tobias from all of us here at FabFree for including FabFree in her “Top 5 Twitter Accounts You Want To Follow in 2018” list on the Caits World Blog! We are honoured to be mentioned.

    Additionally if you are a member of Twitter and would like to start following us there – you can do so at our Twitter page @FabFreeinSL.

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