Where everybody knows your name


This week Dutchie came out with a new building: The Red Brick Café!

The building is a Second Life house with 3 floors and a traditional Dutch clock gable or facade.

It’s built as close to realistic size as possible, which makes stairs and ladders hard to navigate on. Therefore Dutchie added 4 teleporters for moving from floor to floor instead and they can be set to usefor owner, group, or everyone by right-clicking on them. The ladder to the attic opens when you teleport upstairs and is tucked away on the attic when you TP down again!

"Where everybody knows your name " - Blogpost

I have been playing with this lovely building on my mainland – and it is so much fun that I will just leave it up, even though my parcel does not quite has the feeling of an authentic Dutch street. Oh well, once you are inside you no longer see the gigantic fantasy Tree-house my neighbours live in!

The café building can be purchased as a completely furnished version as well, which includes a complete vintage Dutch cafe interior for the first floor, and a color-changeable awning, curtains for the 2nd floor, and a toilet and sink!

"Where everybody knows your name " - Blogpost

What I like about this Café, besides the fact it looks so familiar for me as a Dutch, is that you can use it as a café, but if you are on a smaller parcel – you can also easily make it your home. The second floor is very spacious and makes a great appartment!
I’ve not yet decorated that space in my café, but I have some ideas already!

For more detailed information visit Dutchie’s website or go have a look in the Mainstore and see it ‘in the pixel’!

And of course, you are also welcome to check out my ‘Café CaTo‘!

"Where everybody knows your name " - Blogpost

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  1. Great view of the cafe and yes! I was wondering if I could visit it! :-) <3

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